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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Exhibit Preparation – Making Mounts

Our exhibit process starts months ahead of a scheduled opening.  The initial meeting of an exhibit team reviews the theme and broad content description, and confirms dates for milestones such as public opening, label copy completion, etc.   Once the  Curator has finalized artifacts and/or specimens that will be used, Collections and Conservation staff go into action. The Collections Assistant pulls the objects from storage so the Designer can start…

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The Exhibit Collaboration

An exhibit is a group invention. A curator devises and develops the content of the exhibit, deciding what specimens and other materials should be shown, and writing text about those materials. But most successful exhibits evolve through collaboration, in which the curator is but one player. At this Museum, we have a well-defined process in which exhibits go through distinct development stages. Many people are involved as key decisions are made, and as work…

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Looking for the Invisible

I have long marveled at the beautiful stone woodworking tools that are in the archaeology collection at The Manitoba Museum and wondered what they were used for. It may seem like an odd question as these tools were obviously used for working wood. I wonder what past peoples made with these tools. Since understanding how all tools were used in the past is important for archaeologists, we are often searching…

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It’s a gas: fumigation is an important tool to protect collections

We are in the process of fumigating some of our collections. All of the Natural History specimens that were on exhibit in the Discovery Room, as well as some taxidermied mounts (ie. stuffed animals), have been placed in our fumigation bubble to be treated. This is a regular procedure for objects that are susceptible to insect attack. The Manitoba Museum has a large enclosure (“the bubble”) made of heavy duty…

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Whom to be thankful to on Thanksgiving

Ask anyone if they can name a type of Ukrainian food and they will immediately answer perogies.  Italian food is clearly spaghetti and meatballs while spicy, peanut-based curries are classic Thai fare.  But ask someone to name a Canadian or American dish and most people will either draw a blank or perhaps mutter something about hamburgers and hot dogs (which are actually German) or pizza (which is Italian).  It is…

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