Refunds Policy

All Refunds

  1. The original receipt(s) and original payment method must be provided at time of refund.
  2. When expenses have already been incurred, such as staff scheduling, supply ordering, or third-party fees that cannot be cancelled, the Museum will deduct these costs from any refund and provide the visitor/client with a detailed breakdown for their reference.
  3. Visitors/clients requesting refunds may choose to convert their refund into a donation. A charitable tax receipt will be offered to the visitor/client when a donation is greater than $15.00.
  4. Refunds are to be returned in the same method of payment that was originally received with some exceptions (*):
Original Payment MethodRefunded Method
CDN Cash*CDN Cash
Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
USD Cash*CDN Cash
Gift Card*Gift Card OR Alternative Method
One-Time Use Voucher/Coupon*Voucher/Coupon OR TMM Comp Pass


Items can be returned in person at the Operator’s place of business, at the Museum Shop during its normal business hours, or by shipping the item back to:

The Manitoba Museum
190 Rupert Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3B 0N2

Fragile items returned via mail must be insured. You are solely responsible for the cost of shipping, including insurance fees, items back to the Operator. All such shipping and insurance fees must be prepaid. The Operator does not accept packages sent C.O.D. and will not refund shipping and insurance fees.


  1. CDN Cash: Rental clients who request a refund and who have paid cash for their venue booking will receive their refund via cheque only.
  2. Cheques: If a visitor/client has paid for their purchase by using a cheque and a refund is required, the refunded amount will be sent to the visitor/client via a mailed cheque prepared by the Finance Office. No refunded amount will be given to the visitor/client at the Box Office.
  3. USD Cash: Visitors/clients who pay for their transaction in USD Cash, will be refunded in CDN Cash as the sale is converted to CDN funds. USD Cash is not available.
  4. Gift Cards:

a) For Box Office Sales – Refunds onto a gift card will be processed through the Tessitura software. If the original gift card is not present at the time of refund, then the refund will go onto a new gift card.

b) For Museum Shop Sales – Shop gift card refunds are not accepted.

5) One-Time Use Vouchers/Coupons:

  • If a visitor/client requires a refund on a transaction where a one-time use voucher/coupon was applied, a complimentary pass will be offered in cases where the voucher/coupon cannot be reissued to the visitor/client.
  • Complimentary Passes: If a visitor/client requires a refund on a transaction where a complimentary pass was applied, a new complimentary pass will be issued to the visitor/client.


  1. Both the ticketing software receipt and pin pad terminal receipt are required. However, for same day refunds, admission tickets on their own will be accepted as proof of sale.
  2. Same Day Refunds – Admission refunds and exchanges can be processed by any Visitor & Member Services staff member at any Box Office on the original date of purchase.
  3. Up to fourteen (14) Calendar Days After Original Purchase – All admission refund requests made up to 14 calendar days after the original date of purchase will be considered.
  4. Members who accidentally pay for admission – Current members are required to show their ticket receipt and proof of valid membership to have the refund processed.

MEMBERSHIPS: Annual and Gift Memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable.

GIFT CARDS & FRONTLINE MERCHANDISE: Gift card and frontline merchandise purchases (i.e. locker keys, face masks, etc.) are non-refundable.


  1. Shop merchandise is non-refundable.
  2. Exchanges of merchandise are accepted and can be made up to 14 calendar days from the original date of purchase.
  3. Both the POS software receipt and pin pad terminal receipt are required for exchanges.
  4. All returned merchandise must be with a receipt, in the original packaging, and in saleable condition.
  5. In the case there is a difference in the pricing between products exchanged, the difference will either be paid by the visitor/client (if balance owed to the Museum) or refunded to the visitor/client (if balance owed to the visitor/client) in the same payment method originally used.


  1. Refund requests will only be accepted in approved situations.
  2. Groups pay for their booking at the time of their visit, therefore, if a group is unable to make their booking date/time, the booking will be cancelled.
  3. Any expenses already incurred before the group cancels their booking will not be refunded in order to cover Museum costs.
  4. Refunds for overpayments are not accepted, as the Museum only charges groups for the number of people present on the day of their visit. Schools/groups are sent a confirmation letter after booking that states a “no refunds on overpayments” clause. If a group sends TMM an advance payment ahead of their visit and they arrive with less people than what they paid for, they will not be issued a refund for the overpayment.


  1. Refundable Programs & Events: Refund requests will be accepted up to five (5) calendar days before the program/event.
  2. Non-Refundable Programs & Events: No refund will be processed for visitor cancellations. Refunds will be considered on a case-by-case basis for Museum cancellations.
  3. Public Programs and Special Events include (but are not limited to) Workshops, After Hours, Museum Babies, Member Events, and Spooktacular Family Night/Halloween Takeover.

RENTALS: Refund requests are accepted for cancellations made no later than 14 calendar days prior to the event rental date minus any costs of pre-purchased supplies, third party fees, or staff time.

DONATIONS: Donations to the Museum are non-refundable.

ONLINE SURCHARGE FEES: Any surcharge fee included on a transaction will be refunded to the visitor/client when 100% of the sale is refunded. Surcharge fees will not be refunded for partial sale refunds.