The exterior of the Planetarium dome in front of a starry night sky.


Explore space, touch the stars, and voyage across time. Our full-dome theatre will immerse you in awe-inspiring stories of wonder.

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The Manitoba Museum’s Planetarium is a captivating space where visitors can explore the mysteries of the universe. With advanced technology, it offers a diverse range of shows and presentations, making it a popular destination for both astronomy enthusiasts and families. The dome’s 360-degree projection provides a stunning visual and auditory experience, transporting you to distant galaxies and planets. Have an awe-inspiring experience that deepens your understanding of the night sky. At the Planetarium, the beauty and wonder of the cosmos come to life.

Show Schedule

Tuesday to FridaySaturday & Sunday
11:15 am: Legends of the Northern Sky11:00 am: We Are Guardians
3:00 pm: Edge of Darkness12:15 pm: Edge of Darkness
1:30 pm: Manitoba Skies
3:00 pm: Edge of Darkness

Now Showing

A picture looking out over an expanse of water, with lines forming the globe of the Earth in the sky on a fuchsia background. Text reads, "We Are Guardians".

Now Showing!

We Are Guardians

New show We Are Guardians is a highly immersive, leading-edge look at the role of satellites in orbit around Earth – how they monitor the effects of a changing climate, and how the information they provide will be crucial in our fight to reduce harmful emissions.

This program communicates the serious issue of climate change in a way that is more accessible to children. It is rated for ages 5 and up. 

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Dome@Home logo featuring the exterior of the Planetarium dome surrounded by small stars and the moon. Text reads, "Dome@Home / The stars belong to everyone".


Join Planetarium Astronomer Scott Young at 7 pm on the last Thursday of every month for Dome@Home, a FREE monthly livestream. Explore celestial sights throughout the universe and special events over the coming month.

As pioneering Canadian astronomer Helen Sawyer Hogg always said, “The stars belong to everyone.” Learn how to find your stars and get to know the night sky!

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Exterior of the Manitoba Museum, with the Museum, Museum sign, and Planetarium dome in view.

History & Technology of the Planetarium

The Planetarium star theatre opened its doors on May 15, 1968, boasting 287 seats arranged in circles around the “star” of the theatre: a Zeiss Mark 5-S optomechanical star projector (affectionately nicknamed “Marvin”). The sky as seen from anywhere on Earth was projected onto the inside of a 60-foot projection screen hung under an exterior copper dome. The dome, across from City Hall and in front of the Manitoba Museum, quickly became an iconic landmark on Main Street.

Interior shot of the Planetarium showing seating and Marvin with a the red sky and landscape of Mars being projected on the dome.

Make your event stellar!

Imagine placing your corporate logos amongst the stars or seeing it planted on Mars! Enjoy shows from our selection of available presentations or let us customise a presentation for you. 

Make your event shine in the comfort of the Planetarium Theatre.

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