Alloway Hall set up for Tribute Gala, with dramatic lighting, and people seated at round table. In the front is a stage with a speaker at a podium, and a projector screen either side of the stage.

Tribute Gala

The Manitoba Museum’s Annual Tribute Gala honours prominent community members and celebrates a multitude of experiences through our theme of Celebrating Community Voices. The Tribute Gala supports the Access for All initiative by removing financial, social, and cultural barriers to visitation. Through your support, the Museum aims to further grow, diversify, and engage new audiences. To continually reflect and assess research, collections, exhibitions, and programs to enhance their relevance to Manitoba’s diverse populations including ethnicity, culture, age, gender, and abilities. Continuing to create a Museum that belongs to all Manitobans.

Past honourees:

James Cohen & Linda McGarva-Cohen (2024), Barb Gamey (2023), Edward & Stella Kennedy (2023), Nadia Thompson (2023), Michael Redhead Champagne (2022), Anne Mahon (2022), Flor Marcelino (2022), Abdikheir Ahmed (2021), Hilary Druxman (2021), Jaimie Isaac (2021), Niigaan Sinclair (2021), Hannah Taylor (2021); Winnipeg Free Press (co-owners Robert Silver & Ronald Stern) (2019); Abdo (Albert) El Tassi & Samira El Tassi (2018); Gregg & Mary Hanson (Ambassadors for Canada 150 Celebration in 2017); Sanford H. Riley (2016); The Winnipeg Foundation (2015); Doug Harvey (2014); Susan Lewis & United Way Winnipeg (2013); Kerry Hawkins (2012); Ambassador Gary Doer (2011); The Chipman Family (2010); Babs & Gail Asper (2009); Kevin & Els Kavanagh (2008); Lawrie Pollard (2007); Murray Taylor & Investors Group Inc. (2006); and George T. Richardson (2005).

Tribute Announcements:

2024 Tribute Gala

Tribute 2024

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