Board & Staff Directory

The Board of Governors 2023-24

Brigitte Sandron, Chair

Doug Tkach, Vice-Chair and Chair, Executive Committee

Sam McLaughlin, Treasurer and Chair, Finance Committee

Jackie Wild, Secretary

Penny McMillan, Past-Chair and Chair, Nominating & Governance Committee

Kathryn McBurney, Chair, Human Resources & Compensation Committee

Cary Miller, Chair, Indigenous Advisory Circle


Board members at large include:

Heather Bertnick

Jason Bryk

Beverley Edmondson

Rachel Erickson

Buffy-Pearl Handel

Cora Jalonen

Harun Kibirige

Dwight MacAulay

Cindi Steffan

Dorota Blumczyńska, CEO (ex-officio, non-voting)

The Manitoba Museum Foundation Board of Directors 2023-24

Penny McMillan, President, Past Chair, Board of Governors

Scott Craig, Vice-President

Merv Gunter, Treasurer

Jeoff Chipman, Secretary

William F. Baines

Ted Cotton

Bob Dolyniuk

Kan Fanstone

Jim Spencer

Brigitte Sandron, Chair, Board of Governors

Executive Office

Dorota Blumczyńska
(204) 988-0630

Maia Woodbury
Executive Assistant
(204) 988-0668

Fund Development

Charwin Dahl
Director of Development
(204) 988-0656

Cassidy Nicholls
Partnerships & Events Manager
(204) 988-0629

Cindi Steffan
Grants Manager
(204) 988-0662

Alma Cruz
Development Coordinator
(204) 988-0571

Bukola Akinola
Manager of Rentals & Events
(204) 988-0665

Research, Collections, & Exhibits

Seema Hollenberg
Director of Research, Collections & Exhibits
(204) 988-0635

Emma Skrumeda
Research, Collections & Exhibits Administrative Assistant


Dr. Amelia Fay
Curator of Anthropology & HBC Museum Collection
(204) 988-0563

David Finch
Curator of Archaeology
(204) 988-0681

Dr. Diana Bizecki Robson
Curator of Botany
(204) 988-0653

Dr. Joseph Moysiuk
Curator of Palaeontology & Geology
(204) 988-0648

Dr. Randy Mooi
Curator of Zoology
(204) 988-0659

Dr. Roland Sawatzky
Curator of History
(204) 988-0634

Collections & Conservation

Aro van Dyck
Collections Technician (Natural History)
(204) 988-0654

Carolyn Sirett
Senior Conservator
(204) 988-0567

Cortney Pachet
Collections Technician (Human History)
(204) 988-0646

Nancy Anderson
Collections Management Associate (Human History)
(204) 988-0607


Anastasiia Mavrina
Exhibit Designer
(204) 988-0673

Marketing, Sales, and Visitor Experience

Rhiannon Leier Blacher
Director of Marketing, Sales & Visitor Experience
(204) 988-0638

Brandi Hayberg
Manager of Marketing & Communications
(204) 988-0614

Rebecca Watson
Digital Media & Marketing Coordinator
(204) 988-0686

Kyla Klassen
Merchandiser & Buyer
(204) 988-0606

Learning & Engagement

Zoë McQuinn
Director of Learning & Engagement
(204) 988-0638

Tashina Houle-Schlup
Head of Indigenous Programming & Engagement
(204) 988-0642

Anya Moodie-Foster
Manager of School & Public Programs
(204) 988-0688

Corinne Antoniuk
Learning & Engagement Producer
(204) 988-0671

Erin Buelow
Learning & Engagement Producer
(204) 988-0690

Mika Pineda
Learning & Engagement Producer Youth Climate Action
(204) 988-0570

Mike Jensen
Programs & Volunteer Coordinator
(204) 988-0613

Scott Young
Planetarium Astronomer
(204) 988-0627

Fiona Sime
Programs & Reservations Coordinator
(204) 988-0626

Carrie Goulet
Programs & Reservations Coordinator
(204) 988-0626

Carol Beaulieu
Museum Program Developer (BOSF Gallery Renewal)

Annick Clément
Learning Facilitator

Dhuranka Wijesinghe
Learning Facilitator

Janelle LeGal
Learning Facilitator

Victoria Holmberg
Learning Facilitator

Adriana “Dray” Sedlak
Science Communicator

Deni Desautels
Science Communicator

Emma Rannie
Science Communicator

Olivia Cassie
Science Communicator

Ray Saltel
Science Communicator

Rhianna Cohen
Science Communicator

Finance Office

David Sierhuis, CPA, CA
Director of Finance & Operations
(204) 988-0632

Germine Awad
Financial Controller
(204) 988-0622

Kathy Moran
Business Office Assistant
(204) 988-0623

Omodelye Ayanniyi
Payroll & Benefits Administrator
(204) 988-0624


Sean Workman
Operations Supervisor
(204) 988-0644

Paul Martin
Operations Technician
(204) 988-0560

Marc Hébert
(204) 988-0664

Information Technology

Ruel Espinoza
System Administrator
(204) 988-0675

Human Resources & Volunteer Services

Adelana Adeleye-Olusae
Director of Human Resources
(204) 988-0667

Noreen Hees
Volunteer & Employee Relations Manager
(204) 988-0633

Visitor & Member Services

Logan Stefanson
Membership and Data Coordinator
(204) 988-0647

Natalie Marion
Visitor Experience Supervisor/Superviseur de l’Expérience des Visiteurs
(204) 956-2830

Andrea Ocampo
Visitor Experience Associate

Astrid Morales
Visitor Experience Associate

Crystal Cann
Visitor Experience Associate

Jason Williams
Visitor Experience Associate

Jobelle Borja
Visitor Experience Associate

Lauren McNaughton
Visitor Experience Associate

Matthew Kolthof
Visitor Experience Associate

Tyler Trautwein
Visitor Experience Associate