An adult and two children interact with digital displays and projection that show the changing environment of Lake Winnipeg.

Science Gallery

Test the universal laws of science and explore the wonders of technology in this hands-on, high-energy environment that is fun for all ages.

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Test the universal laws of science and explore the wonders of technology and illusion in the Manitoba Museum’s Science Gallery! Learn about yourself and the world around you through entertaining hands-on activities where you become the scientist. Each exhibit offers operating instructions (what to do) and a short explanation of the science at work (what’s going on).  

The Science Gallery contains a mix of newer exhibits and old favorites. The Matrix mirror room is still there, as well as lots of exhibits that cover the basics of science.  

Be sure to check out these engrossing science experiences:

A child and adult working together to build something at a Lego table in the Science Gallery.


Build with LEGO Bricks: Create, build, and solve real challenges in science and engineering.
Five childrens looking at Winnipeg watershed ecosystem and interactive stream table.

Lake Winnipeg: Shared Solutions

Learn about the Lake Winnipeg watershed and explore our Lake Winnipeg ecosystem and interactive stream table.
Two children race by pull themselves up on chairs using pullies while middle chair sits empty.

Pulley Chairs

Lift yourself using the power of simple machines!

Five children playing at an electric car racetrack.

Engineered for Speed

Choose a race car and put it through its paces on our test track.
Black Brant 5C Rocket in the Science Gallery.

Cosmos Corner

Explore humanity’s achievements in space, including a real Black Brant rocket, built right here in Winnipeg!
A digital screen reflecting the LEGO figures being moved on the table in front of it by an individual out of frame.

Animation Station

Make a stop-action movie, complete with sound effects!

The Science Gallery also features the Explore Science Zone, an interactive space where science comes alive. Hands-on activities, displays and events rotate throughout the year, so be sure to come see what’s new!

A group of nine youth and a Museum staff member smiling together. All are wearing matching t-shirts with an illustrated globe and the words “GenAction! / Youth Climate / Alliance”. On the right side of the group is a sign reading, “Our Changing Climate”.

Youth Climate Alliance

The Youth Climate Alliance is a group of grade 9-12 students (14-18 years old) who work together to better understand climate change and its impacts. Through a series of workshops and training, the Youth Climate Alliance aims to host events “by and for” youth. 

The goal of the Youth Climate Alliance is to give youth an avenue to pursue climate change advocacy and have their voices heard.   

Applications for the Winter 2024 cohort of the Youth Climate Alliance program are now closed. Keep an eye out for the application opening for the Fall 2024 cohort later this year!

Learn more about the Youth Climate Alliance
Gen Action and Government of Canada logos

This initiative is presented by the Manitoba Museum in partnership with GenAction, a project funded by the Government of Canada’s Climate Action and Awareness Fund that aims to empower youth to take action on climate change and inspire them to become leaders in their community. 

A smiling child engaging with the Science Gallery water table as someone from out of frame places a plastic tree in the path of the water.

History of the Science Gallery

The Manitoba Museum’s Science Gallery opened as Touch the Universe in 1986, based on an emerging “science center” model at the time, emphasizing touchable, interactive exhibits over artifacts in glass cases. The Gallery centered on the five senses we use to explore the Universe: sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste. Touch the Universe was a great success, covering areas of physical science not encompassed by the main Museum Galleries or the Planetarium, and quickly became a favorite for younger visitors and anyone who preferred to experience the world in a hands-on way.

Group of adults interacting in the Lake Winnipeg display during a special event.

Make your event fun!

Engage your guests by having them test out the universal laws of science and explore the wonders of technology and illusion. 

Whether your guests face building challenges with LEGO® bricks, saving Lake Winnipeg through a state-of-the-art game simulation or building and racing a race car – it’s undeniable that hands-on learning is fun for everyone! 

Host your event in the Science Gallery