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Youth Climate Alliance

The Youth Climate Alliance unites youth as they learn and take the lead by hosting events ‘by and for’ youth on climate change science and action.

The Manitoba Museum has partnered with GenAction and 30 science centres across the nation to deliver climate action programming inspiring our next generation of climate heroes! Its mission is to engage over 200,000 youth by 2024, raising awareness of climate change science and delivering programming to educate citizens on climate actions they can take to make a difference.


Two youth running a pop-up exhibit in the Science Gallery for two visitors. Both youth are wearing matching t-shirts with an illustrated globe and the words “GenAction! / Youth Climate / Alliance” and a Manitoba Musuem logo on the sleeve.

What is the Youth Climate Alliance? 

The Youth Climate Alliance is a group of grade 9-12 students (14-18 years old) who will work together to better understand climate change and its impacts. Through a series of workshops and training, the Youth Climate Alliance aims to host events “by and for” youth.  

The goal of the Youth Climate Alliance is to give youth an avenue to pursue climate change advocacy and have their voices heard.   

Applications for the Winter 2024 cohort of the Youth Climate Alliance program are now closed. Keep an eye out for the application opening for the Fall 2024 cohort later this year!

Three smiling youth behind a table with a skirt laid out on it. On a tv screen behind them a slide reads, "Clothing Materials that are Harmful:".

Two smiling youth stand behind a table with educational materials on it, engaging with a member of the public.

Two smiling youth stand either side of a small rack of clothes. A poster on the rack reads, "Guess which items are fast fashion vs sustainable".

This initiative is presented by the Manitoba Museum in partnership with GenAction, a project funded by the Government of Canada’s Climate Action and Awareness Fund that aims to empower youth to take action on climate change and inspire them to become leaders in their community. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Youth Climate Alliance logo.

If you have any further questions about the program or the application form, please email: