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Hours of Operation


All Attractions
Tuesday to Sunday
Open 10 am to 4 pm



See Planetarium show
schedule, here.


Museum Shop
Saturday & Sunday
Open 10 am to 4 pm


We look forward to seeing you!

Face masks are strongly recommended for all visitors
(age 5+) at the Manitoba Museum.

Click for Holiday Hours
Hours of operation vary for different holidays.


Museum Galleries


All Attractions
Tuesday to Sunday • Open 10 am – 4 pm
Monday • Closed

See Planetarium show schedule, here.


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Take a journey through immersive Museum Galleries that tell the human and natural history of Manitoba from north to south, from ancient to contemporary times.

  • Hear the thunder of stampeding bison in the Welcome Gallery and get oriented for the rest of your Museum visit.
  • Discover the rare and magnificent fossil of a pliosaur (marine reptile) that lived in Cretaceous sea that covered Manitoba 90 million years ago – in the Earth History Gallery.
  • Watch in wonder as the northern lights illuminate a polar bear in the Arctic and Subarctic Gallery.
  • Listen to the waterfall as you wander through a Cree settlement in the Boreal Forest Gallery.
  • In the Nonsuch Gallery you’ll travel back in time to 17th-century Deptford, England, and view the Nonsuch, the little ship that helped start the Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC).
  • Learn about the work of the HBC, North America’s oldest continuously operating business, and see the Royal Charter that established it in the Hudson’s Bay Company Gallery.
  • See the diversity of Manitoba plants and animals in the Parklands Gallery.
  • Imagine yourself living in a teepee or a Red River log house observing the changing landscape in the Prairies Gallery
  • Explore the history of Manitoba’s dynamic capital city with the unique experiences of the Winnipeg Gallery.

Visit the Manitoba Museum

The Museum’s collections reflect the heritage of Manitoba and other regions of the world. Our nine interpretive galleries explore the interrelationship of people and their environment. Travel through millions of years as you journey from north to south across Manitoba’s vast and varied landscape, from the icy arctic coast to the windswept prairies.


Visitor Maps

Download a PDF copy of our Visitor Map HERE.

Visitor Map

Human and Natural History Collections

Human History curators and staff are committed to increasing awareness and appreciation of Manitoba’s heritage through the acquisition and preservation of artifacts. This collection of artifacts is used for research, gallery and exhibit development, public programming, and as educational teaching aids.

Natural History collections are developed and maintained as a specimen library of plants, animals, fossils, rocks, and minerals for the province. Specimens are used for reference and research, in public and school programs, and in exhibitions. Specimens are stored in secure, climate-controlled conditions. As the provincial repository, a large portion of the Museum’s collections is Manitoba material, but there are also many significant specimens from other parts of the world.