Arctic and Subarctic Gallery

In the aurora-lit Arctic region of Hudson Bay, a large diorama depicts a majestic polar bear settling down to finally feast on a ringed seal. His tireless search for food vividly symbolizes the struggle for survival in Manitoba’s barren northland. Look for smaller creatures in more exquisite mini-dioramas depicting snow-covered landscapes, tundra, and the bottom of Hudson Bay. In the Subarctic region, a herd of caribou travel a trail along a gravel ridge, re-enacting the autumn migration into the boreal forest. Explore the traditional lifestyle of hunting, gathering and fishing by Kivallirmiut (Caribou Inuit) and Denesułine (Dene) characterized by a seasonal dependency on migratory patterns of animals. 

Learn more about the major changes in the north due to industrial development, including the introduction of the railway, mining interests, and hydro development. 

Diorama of two caribou walking on lichen-covered rocks and gravel on an esker in front of a painted subarctic landscape with a lake and lichen-heath plant communities in the background.