Skeletons of large carnivorous marine reptiles are suspended and mounted above other fossils and exhibit cases.

Earth History Gallery

Discover Manitoba’s deep geological history introduced by beautiful crystals in the Precambrian minerals exhibit, including moss-like millerite and a huge cluster of amethyst. See animals from the Ordovician Period are brought to life in the award-winning Ancient Seas animated exhibit, representing fossils from salt seas that covered the province a half-billion years ago. Discover fossils in Manitoba’s limestones that are remains of tropical life forms such as cephalopods, trilobites, and corals. Our giant trilobite collected near Churchill holds a world record as the largest known complete specimen!  

Learn about fossils from the Cretaceous Period, near the end of the Age of Dinosaurs, showing that Manitoba was again covered by a salt sea, while dinosaurs roamed the floodplains in Alberta and Saskatchewan. In this part of the gallery you can experience large carnivorous marine reptiles, including a splendid pliosaur that was collected from the Manitoba Escarpment. 

Take a peek inside!

Museum exhibits viewed from above show skeletons of a variety of extinct creatures.

From the Earth History mezzanine you get an excellent view of some of the Cretaceous exhibits, including a dinosaur, plesiosaurs, and a mosasaur skull. Image ©Manitoba Museum

A glass case exhibits the skeleton of a large carnivorous marine reptile, laid out as though it is lying in layered sedimentary bedrock.

This spectacular pliosaur (plesiosaur) fossil is of Cretaceous age, roughly 90 million years old. It was collected in western Manitoba by a private collector, and donated to the Museum. Image ©Manitoba Museum

A large, colourful screen shows animations of a variety of extinct marine life forms. Below the screen are small cases, text, and graphics.

Our award-winning Ancient Seas exhibit depicts marine life in the Churchill area as it existed about 450 million years ago, when this region was under a tropical sea. This immersive exhibit features animated organisms projected onto a huge curved screen. Image ©Manitoba Museum

A dramatically-lit case shows a variety of beautiful minerals.

The Earth History Gallery is introduced by this exhibit of beautiful mineral specimens collected from the Canadian Shield in Manitoba and adjacent areas. Image ©Manitoba Museum