A long wooden countertop with a brown beaver pelt, a folded up brown bison pelt, and a white arctic fox pelt on the top. Behind the counter is a mock trading post, with shelves lined with trade goods like coloured cloth and fabric, metal dishes, ceramic crocks, and smaller items for sewing. There are three lit-up cases that feature artifacts as examples of items that individuals could get at a trading post.

Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC) Museum Collection Gallery

The Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC) Museum Collection Gallery showcases a selection of artifacts from this nationally significant collection. Explore the many themes of the gallery through recreated scenes such as a replica trading post, a trapline camp, a York boat loaded with cargo, and the boardroom from HBC’s head office in London. Experience and contemplate the beautiful collections – approximately two-thirds of which are of First Nations, Inuit, and Métis origin, demonstrating the important relationships and work of Indigenous Peoples that lead to the Company’s success. 

Then take the elevator up to the Nautical Balcony to learn more about the Company’s role in scientific collecting and its nautical history, before returning to the gallery below and making your way back around the Nonsuch, stopping at the new viewing pier for one last look at the ship. 

A large York boat is nestled amongst larger rocks with artifact cases inside made to look like fur bales but featuring artifacts related to freighting and transportation. The walls of the gallery are a deep burgundy and there is a mural behind the boat depicting scenes from HBC’s prominent trading post at Norway House.

Imagine sailing up the river in a York boat as you walk through the HBC Museum Collection Gallery. Image ©Manitoba Museum

A well-lit area with dark grey walls, fancy columns, and a fake fireplace and mantle. Dark wood carvings from the former HBC head office in London frame a colourful oil painting of Prince Rupert above the mantle. A leather chair sits at an exhibit case made to look like a desk, and two curatorial notebooks with black and white images flank the desk.

Stop in at HBC’s former head office in London England, complete with actual furnishings from the real building, and a reproduction portrait of Prince Rupert. Image ©Manitoba Museum

Exterior of the Manitoba Museum, with the Museum, Museum sign, and Planetarium dome in view.

Make your event historic! 

The Manitoba Museum is unique in Canada, as it is the only heritage and science centre to offer a combination of world-class history galleries along with a science gallery and planetarium theatre.

Host your next cocktail reception or dinner in the Nonsuch Gallery and enjoy a guided tour aboard the Nonsuch.

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