A Day in the Life with... Tashina!

A Day in the Life with… Tashina!

Tashina Houle-Schlup is the Head of Indigenous Programming & Engagement and we love having her on the Museum team! In this video, tag along on a day in her life here at the Manitoba Museum.

Learn more about the Indigenous Artists Market and how to become a vendor here.


Join our team! We’re looking for an Indigenous Learning Facilitator through the Young Canada Works program. This person will work closely with Tashina, sharing knowledge of Indigenous content in exhibits, and assisting in developing and delivering programs with a specific focus on Indigenous cultures for all Museum audiences. Find full position details here.

Fossils in Cedar Lake Amber

Cedar Lake amber is from the Cretaceous era, which means that dinosaurs were roaming through the forests at the time that it formed. Sometimes it can contain preserved insects or other small organisms, which give key insight into life at this time!

In this video, join Dr. Joe Moysiuk, Curator of Palaeontology & Geology, in the Natural History Collection storage to learn about some of the newest pieces in the collection!

Check out some Cedar Lake Amber on display in the Earth History Gallery!

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Did you know this Winnipeg Jets history? Pt. 2

Are you cheering on the Jets as they hit the playoff ice again tonight? In part two of our peek into the Winnipeg Jets collection, Cortney shows us some of the artwork relating to significant players in the hockey club’s history!

Check out some of the Jets Collection on display in the Winnipeg Gallery!

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Did you know this Winnipeg Jets history? Pt. 1

The Winnipeg Jets are going to the playoffs! Skate back through their history in this video with Cortney, as she shows you some of the neat artifacts in the Jets Collection here at the Museum. Come back next week for part 2!

Check out some of the Jets Collection on display in the Winnipeg Gallery!

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Did you know that this stone was rubbed smooth by bison?

This stone in the entrance to the Prairies Gallery is more than just a big rock. It represents the bison rubbing stones that are icons of the prairies! In this video, Learning & Engagement Producer Erin shares how bison used these boulders, and how this one arrived in the Prairies Gallery.

Image of bison at rubbing stone ©Craig & Rosemarie Stewart and Fort Whyte Alive. Used with permission.


You can learn more about the process of bringing this bison rubbing stone to the Museum on our blog, here.

All you need to know about watching the solar eclipse!

There’s a solar eclipse that will be visible from Manitoba taking place on Monday, April 8, 2024 and you won’t want to miss it! In this video, Planetarium Astronomer Scott Young tells us the important things to know about eye safety, taking pictures of the eclipse, and the in-person and online viewing parties.

Find more information on our website, here.

The Museum Shop has SOLD OUT of eclipse glasses. You can find alternate ways to view the eclipse safely without glasses on our resource page through the link above.

Do you know what’s in a conservator’s toolbox?

The tools that conservators use to fix, repair, and clean objects are pretty unique, in that many of these items come from different professions rather than being made specifically for artifact and specimen conservation. In this video, Senior Conservator Carolyn shows us some of the tools she uses to conserve the Museum Collection!

Click here to learn more about the tools found in a conservator’s toolbox in Carolyn’s blog post.

Did you know about the C. Kelekis Restaurant?

Did you ever grab a meal at the C. Kelekis Restaurant during its time as a Winnipeg staple?

In this video with Collections Technician of Human History, Cortney, check out some Kelekis memorabilia that was donated to the Museum after the restaurant closed.

Don’t miss the Solar Eclipse on April 8!

On Monday, April 8, 2024, viewers across North America will have an amazing opportunity to experience the motions of the solar system in real time! On that afternoon a solar eclipse will be visible across the province and across the continent. Learn more in this video with Planetarium Astronomer Scott Young!

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Find further eclipse viewing details on our website here.

It’s Science! Magnetic Ball Wall

Join Science Communicator Adriana in the Science Gallery to check out one of our newest exhibits – the magnetic ball wall! Learn which forces are taught by this fun hands-on exhibit.