Manitoba Museum Launches DOME@HOME

Manitoba Museum Launches DOME@HOME

Promotional image for Dome@Home showing a two-toned orange illustration of the Planetarium dome overlaid on a photograph of a starry night sky. Text reads,

Winnipeg, MB (January 5, 2021): This Safe at Home Program starts January 7.  The Manitoba Museum is pleased to announce the launch of DOME @HOME: The Stars Belong to Everyone. This FREE weekly web show will be delivered directly to the homes of Manitobans. Hosted by Planetarium Astronomer Scott Young, those curious about the sky can catch DOME@HOME starting January 7 at 7 pm and running every Thursday until March 25. 

“The focus is on getting out under the real sky when you can, and with who you can, whether you live downtown or in the suburbs or in rural Manitoba,” says Planetarium Astronomer Scott Young. “Even within the lights of Winnipeg there are things you can see in the sky.”

“One of my personal heroes is Dr. Helen Sawyer Hogg, the first Canadian woman to earn her Ph.D. in Astronomy,” adds Young. “Besides doing amazing research, she also did a lot of public outreach, sharing the sky with the public. She used to say, ‘The Stars belong to everyone.’ That’s true – we can all look up at the stars and wonder, and gain that sense of discovery when we find something out there. It doesn’t matter if someone else discovered it a hundred years ago, when you see it for the first time you get that same sense of discovery that excites a love of science and nature.”

An individual wearing a headset sitting at a desk with two computer monitors under a darkened planetarium dome.

Planetarium Astronomer Scott Young at the Planetarium’s Digistar projection controls.

Each DOME@HOME episode will have segments to help identify stars and planets, discuss space exploration, answer questions from the audience, and offer hands-on activities for participants to complete at home.

Details for all the DOME@HOME programs are available on the Manitoba Museum website. Registration to participate on Zoom is required; however, anyone can join in live, via Facebook.

DOME@HOME is sponsored by Province of Manitoba’s Safe at Home initiative, which offers Manitobans new online arts, culture, and entertainment content so they can follow public health orders and stay at home as much as possible.

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