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Monthly Archives: August 2015

Left Behind in Airport Cove

If you think about how Museum paleontologists get fossils, you might guess that we go out and find where the fossils are, extract all of them from the rock and sediment, and return them to the Museum. Certainly that is what we do where fossils are scarce, but in many instances our job really consists of deciding what to leave behind. Our specialists at the Manitoba Museum are called curators,…

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Guest blog by Jacinda Sinclair, contract Cataloguer and long-time TMM volunteer. In Northern Exposure Parts 1-3, Amelia wrote about her experiences excavating. Now I’m going to cover what happened to her artefacts once she got them back to the museum. Cataloguing is a 7 step process. Step 1 is sorting. To start, I order the artefacts by matching them to the field records made by Amelia’s team. Artefacts found in…

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Journey to York Factory

My last stint of fieldwork this summer had me checking off a box on my bucket list, I finally made it to York Factory!  Why did I want to go there so badly?  Well, not only is it one of the most important Hudson’s Bay Company sites, it was also the entry-point for early immigration to our province and beyond, I knew I had to see if for myself. In partnership with Parks…

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Museum opens two new permanent exhibits

On  August 12, The Manitoba Museum opened two new permanent exhibits within the Parklands Mixed Woods Gallery, We Are All Treaty People and The Berens Family Collection Exhibit. The former marks the first time that all eight Manitoba Treaty medals will be presented as a group, the completion of a project that was years in the making and the latter adds background on Treaty 5, as told through the story…

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Perseid Meteor Shower in progress!

PERSEID METEOR SHOWER Every August, our planet passes through a giant dust bunny in space. The dust comes from Comet Swift-Tuttle, a “dirty snowball” that orbits the sun in an oval path. The comet itself is not terribly impressive, but it leaves so much dust in our Earth’s path that the Earth spends several days sweeping up millions of dust particles like a planetary broom. Each piece of dust hits the earth’s…

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Fescue findings

As I near the end of my two years of pollinator research in the fescue prairie, I’ve been wondering what it all means. In particular I’ve been thinking about how the pollinator communities in fescue prairies are different than in the tall grass prairies. Here are the patterns that seem to be emerging: 1. Bees are more important pollinators in fescue prairie than flies. When most people think of pollinators…

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