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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Textiles from Slovakia

Slovakian textiles recently donated to The Manitoba Museum help tell the story of one family’s immigration to Manitoba in the late 1940s. These textiles were made in the tiny village of Lentvora, in a small valley in central Slovakia. The Karman family grew their own flax, which was then beaten, spun, dyed and finally woven into these textile patterns. The donor of the textiles, Anne Anderson, was a child in the village in the early 1940s, and remembers her mother Anna and her mothers’ relatives gathering in the kitchen/dining room around a loom to do some weaving. Anna, the donor’s mother, lived with her grandmother in this house after Anna’s…

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Rocket lands in Science Gallery

Did you know that one of the most successful small rocket programs in the world is run from right here in Winnipeg? Magellan Aerospace (formerly Bristol Aerospace) builds the Black Brant series of sounding rockets for customers around the world. Payloads launched by Black Brants have been studying the upper atmosphere and near-space environment for over 50 years, and have even been launched from right here in Manitoba (at the Churchill Rocket Range on the northern coast of Manitoba). So it’s no surprise that we’ve always wanted a real rocket for the Science Gallery. Well, now we have one! Magellan has loaned the Manitoba Museum a real Black Brant 5C rocket, and it was delivered and installed in…

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Tracking Atlatls in Manitoba

You may ask yourself what is an atlatl? An atlatl is a hunting tool that is in two parts, a dart or very thin spear and a throwing board which is used to propel the dart. In most of North America it was the hunting tool of choice for many thousands of years. Archaeologists often use the size of projectile points as indication of which hunting tool was used. To the best of our knowledge somewhere around 3,000 years before present the bow and arrow was introduced. For about 1,000 years atlatls and bows and arrows were used together. Somewhere around 2,000 years ago the atlatl fell out of favour…

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