Manitoba Museum welcomes two new Curatorial staff in 2023

Manitoba Museum welcomes two new Curatorial staff in 2023

Winnipeg, MB: December 5, 2023 – The Manitoba Museum is pleased to have welcomed two new curators in 2023. David Finch joined the Museum as the Curator of Archaeology earlier this year; and Dr. Joe Moysiuk has taken on the role of Curator of Palaeontology and Geology as of November 6.

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Born in Winnipeg and raised in Northern Manitoba and Northwest Ontario, David Finch is an archaeologist and ethnohistorian whose research focus lies in community-based archaeology, which involves forming partnerships with communities to tell the stories that matter to them.

Finch’s primary role at the Manitoba Museum will be to oversee the care and management of the archaeology collection at the Museum. This includes monitoring and tracking over 2.5 million artifacts (mostly from Manitoba), working with conservators to make sure that the artifacts are safe and stable, and managing new additions to the collections. Finch will also handle loans of artifacts for research and display purposes, help design exhibits in the museum galleries, and share advice and information with visitors and media.

Finch hopes to use his role as a platform to work with Indigenous and other communities as a partner on research and training.

“It’s good to be back home in Manitoba, and I am looking forward to applying what I’ve learned while away. We have an amazing history here, and I am honoured to be involved in its stewardship.” – David Finch, Curator of Archaeology, Manitoba Museum

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Dr. Joe Moysiuk’s expertise centers on the oldest animal fossils and insights they provide about the evolution of major groups. Much of his research has focused on early arthropods, distant relatives of modern insects and spiders.

Moysiuk hails from Toronto and has taken part in palaeontological field work across Canada, notably including major expeditions to the Burgess Shale in B.C. that have unearthed new and noteworthy fossil species from the dawn of animal life. He has also enjoyed many opportunities to share these discoveries with the public, including through museum exhibitions and public talks.

At the Manitoba Museum, Moysiuk will oversee the care of roughly 35,000 fossil, rock, and mineral specimens and will work strategically to enhance collections from understudied regions.

“Manitoba boasts an almost unfathomably ancient rock record, preserving evidence of the myriad changes undergone by the Earth and life through deep time. I’m greatly excited by this chance to explore and communicate these stories, which are profoundly relevant, not only to Manitobans, but globally.” – Dr. Joe Moysiuk, Curator of Palaeontology and Geology, Manitoba Museum.

Dr. Joe Moysiuk looks forward to expanding his research focus to rare fossil deposits exhibiting soft tissue preservation in Manitoba.

“We are thrilled to welcome David Finch and Dr. Joe Moysiuk to the Manitoba Museum’s curatorial team. Each of them brings new insights and community collaboration, and will help continue to enhance the Museum collections for present and future generations.” – Dorota Blumczyńska, CEO, Manitoba Museum.

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