Make Every Day Earth Day!

Make Every Day Earth Day! 

By Mika Pineda, Learning & Engagement Producer for Youth Climate Action.  

Every year on April 22, we celebrate our home, the Earth, and all the wonderful things it provides us – from the food that nourishes our body, the shelter and clothing that keeps us warm, to the air and water that allow us to live and breathe.

An adult and two children working in a garden bed.

Here are just a few ideas that can do at home to celebrate Earth Day, every day:  

  • Change up your commute: consider walking or cycling to your destination.  
  • Lend a helping hand: gather some friends and start a community clean-up in your neighbourhood.  
  • Get gardening: plant a tree or a wildflower garden this Spring to attract pollinators. 
  • Conserve with care: take shorter showers to save water and turn off lights in empty rooms to conserve electricity.  

Celebrating and appreciating the Earth doesn’t have to be a one day event; every little thing you do to help the planet makes a difference!


Get your hands dirty by planting a garden to celebrate Earth Day. © Kampus Production

Still looking for Earth-friendly activities?  

Join us for Earth Days at the Manitoba Museum on April 20 and 21! Play “Planet vs Plastics”, a fun and educational board game led by our Youth Climate Alliance; check out our special planetarium shows: Atlas of a Changing Earth and We Are Guardians; explore the Museum Galleries on an Earth Days scavenger hunt; and stop by the Earth Day reflection Wall to ask yourself: What action will I take to keep our environment healthy?

A seated adult smiles at a child as they engage with a board game propped up on an easel.

Learn how we can protect our Earth together. © Manitoba Museum

Two children placing sticky notes on a blue wall filled with other previously placed notes.

Ask yourself “How do I want to see the future unfold?” at the Earth Day Reflection Wall. © Manitoba Museum

An adult and three children engage with digital exhibit screens on a round table. A mural showing the water system is on the wall behind them.

Find solutions to keep our waterways healthy in the Science Gallery. © Manitoba Museum/Rejean Brandt

Help us celebrate Earth and learn how we can better protect our future, together!