December 1, 2023

Building a Better Future, Together.

Building a Better Future, Together.

Giving Tuesday is the world’s largest generosity movement, unleashing the power of people and organizations to transform their communities and the world. In past years, Giving Tuesday has seen over $50 Million donated in Canada in just a 24-hour period.

This Giving Tuesday, which fell on November 28, the Manitoba Museum launched a goal to raise $50,000, with every dollar raised matched by the Carolyn Sifton Foundation. Each donation helps ensure the Museum remains a vibrant centre of learning for generations to come. But our work isn’t done: the Foundation has generously extended their matching deadline, meaning your donation today can make twice the impact.


The Museum provides that unique element of opening those doors into the past but also creating pathways that lead out into the future.

Mike Jensen, Programs and Volunteer Coordinator

A family of four stand in front of a Museum diorama containing several caribou. One of the adults leans down to point something out to a child in a wheelchair, and the other adult stands behind holding a toddler.

Your support ensures the Manitoba Museum remains place that is accessible and welcoming to all in our
community. ©Manitoba Museum/Rejean Brandt.

A Museum staff person standing in front of a rolling white board in the Museum Galleries presenting a virtual class to a group of students visible on a smartphone held in frame.

How will your donation make an impact?

Your support is critical to the success of so many different facets of the Museum’s work:

  • Continued support for ground-breaking research: Research conducted at the Manitoba Museum has won a place in the Guinness Book of World Records, extended the fossil records of animal groups by millions of years, explored the achievements of Indigenous Peoples and cultural communities in Manitoba, and uncovered new species.
  • Engaging programming for schools & public: The Manitoba Museum offers immersive learning
    and discovery through both exciting and engaging public workshops and incredible curriculum-based
    experiences for school groups – in fact, in 2022/23 the Museum engaged with 65,955 young minds through education programs, both on-site and virtually.
  • Creating a Museum that belongs to all Manitobans: Through the Access for All program, thousands of community members enjoy complimentary access to the Museum each year. Visitors engage in memorable learning experiences that bridge our understanding and love of history, nature, and science with today’s reality and hopes for the future.

Our province is constantly changing and evolving. How does that reflect here at the Manitoba Museum? How can we be a place where people can come see themselves, and also feel like they are part of it, and part of the history going forward?

Dr. Amelia Fay, Curator of Anthropology and HBC Museum Collections

A Museum staff person standing in front of a display case containgin a number of Indigenous artifacts, including a cradleboard.

How can you help?

Your donation can help us continue to serve our community and remain a place of belonging and learning for all. We invite you to join the Giving Tuesday movement to help us to build a better future, together. Visit to contribute today.


Giving Tuesday logo.


Help us build a better future, together


The popular Indigenous Motherhood Tour is just one of the incredible public programs made possible through our donors. ©Manitoba Museum