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Monthly Archives: August 2011

What’s Growing in Storage?

While perusing the collection in storage Roland Sawatzky, Curator of History, discovered something growing… Artefacts are donated to The Manitoba Museum from all walks of life. Some may still be in their original packaging, never touched, while others may be very well used. Artefacts, regardless of their overall condition, can be very sensitive to the environments in which they are stored. The museum uses dedicated HVAC units to keep the…

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When a small thing means a lot

As summer comes to a close, I am finally getting an opportunity to go through some of my fieldwork photos. I ran across this one of a culvert that connected a large marsh with a roadside ditch along Highway 6  just south of Tan Lake  (about 30 kilometres north of St. Martin Junction). The large dark cloud in the water on either side of the culvert is a school of brook stickleback…

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Bright Fireball seen across southern Manitoba

On August 23 at about 9:35PM, a bright fireball was seen across southern Manitoba and several U.S. States. We are colelcting reports of the object to determine where it came from and also where any pieces might have landed. If you say this object, please email us at [email protected] with the details. Please include the following information: * where you were when you saw it; * the direction you were…

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Guest Column: Churchill

When we got back from Churchill a couple of weeks ago, Debbie Thompson handed me a piece that she felt inspired to write. This was her first visit to the Hudson Bay coast, and as an artist her perspective is quite different from mine. It’s always depressing leaving a place that fills a void in my soul. There is a solitude here that tugs on my spirit, yearning for acknowledgment…

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Museum Mystery: Who was Lizzie Crawford?

While examining the backlog of uncatalogued plants in my lab I came across a very old and intriguing collection: 28 vascular plants from Ungava, Labrador collected in 1876 by a Mrs. Lizzie Crawford.  Immediately my curiosity was aroused.  Who was this mysterious woman?  Why was she collecting plants in Canada’s north so long ago?  How on earth did her specimens end up at The Manitoba Museum?  Clearly figuring all this…

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