The Old Plesiosaur and the Sea

Opening on November 14 in the Discovery Room, The Old Plesiosaur and the Sea: Fossil Vertebrates from the Manitoba Escarpment celebrates a spectacular plesiosaur fossil from the Manitoba Escarpment. The exhibit focuses on the work of Wayne Buckley, the collector of the plesiosaur, and on his fossil collecting associate, Kevin Conlin, illustrating how the work of amateur, enthusiast collectors is affecting the knowledge of fossils in Manitoba.


The Manitoba Escarpment is an important area for discoveries of marine fossil vertebrates of Cretaceous age (about 70-110 million years old), and much of the significant collecting has been done by informed, dedicated amateur paleontologists. The Old Plesiosaur and the Sea will serve as a “teaser” for a permanent plesiosaur exhibit, which will be installed in the Earth History Gallery in 2016.

On until April 6, 2015!