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Hours of Operation


All Attractions

Tuesday to Sunday
Open 10 am to 4 pm



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We look forward to seeing you!

Face masks are strongly recommended for all visitors
(age 5+) at the Manitoba Museum.

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Hours of operation vary for different holidays.



Information Services


Located on the third floor of the Museum, the Library of The Manitoba Museum houses approximately 25,000 book and periodical titles, museum publications, and maps. The collection specializes in the subject areas of interest to Museum staff and volunteers, and includes:

  • Aboriginal Peoples
  • Archaeology
  • Astronomy
  • Botany
  • Geology
  • History
  • Multiculturism
  • Museology
  • Science
  • Zoology

The Library also houses an archive of the institution’s operational records.


Members of the public and Museum members are welcome to use the Library’s material on-site. Visits to the Library are by appointment only. External users can also request Library material on interlibrary loan, through their own library.

Library staff is available to answer reference queries, and there is on-site access to the electronic catalogue. External users are welcome to contact the Library with their questions via e-mail or telephone.


*As per the Manitoba Museum’s Hours of Operation.

Please note that the Library may occasionally be closed during regular hours. Please phone for appointments ahead to confirm admission.



Materials from The Manitoba Museum’s collections and galleries may be reproduced for commercial or non-commercial use. All requests require formal written permission, and may be subject to fees and conditions of use. Images can be provided directly, or the taking of new photographs arranged if the image is not held on file. Permission to film or photograph collections not on public display will be at the discretion of the Museum.

Visitors to the Museum may photograph or film in the galleries for their personal enjoyment, providing a hand-held camera is used. Posting Museum images/video on a personal Web site is not permitted without authorization, and will be subject to image use conditions.


The Museum considers requests from individuals, media, or production companies interested in using the Museum as a location for filming or conducting photo shoots. In order to protect the integrity of the Museum’s mission, each request is evaluated on a request-by-request basis to determine feasibility, appropriateness, and fees/conditions involved.


Media requests for use of images or filming solely for the purpose of promoting The Manitoba Museum’s programs, exhibitions and other activities should contact: Jody Tresoor, Communications Specialist.

All requests require advance notification and approval. The Manitoba Museum reserves the right to refuse requests not appropriate to the Museum’s mission.

For more information or to submit a request, contact: Nancy Anderson, Information Services Manager.

Click here for a PDF of our rights and permissions fees