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Author Archives: Amelia Fay

Guest Blog

If you have been reading the HBC Blog, you are probably aware of some of the work involved with being a curator. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to experience the job firsthand, to see if it is really as great as Amelia makes it sound? My name is Kristina, and for the past couple of months, I have been able to do just that. I am…

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My First Acquisition

Even though the HBC collection is full of amazing treasures, I’m always interested in acquiring other special items with an HBC connection.  Curators at The Manitoba Museum can’t just add items willy-nilly, we go through a process with our Collections Committee to make sure that we’re acquiring items that are significant to Manitoba (or in my case, significant to the HBC, which has a much broader geographic scope).  I had…

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Love Thy Nonsuch

We’ve got a lot going on at The Manitoba Museum these days, Trees of Life recently opened, WRAPPED: The Mummy of Pesed will open on October 25th, but with all this excitement part of me really feels for our permanent exhibits.  I know, exhibits don’t have feelings so there is probably no jealousy brewing between the old exhibits and new, but I’ve always been torn between my beloved treasures and the…

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The Collection for Adventurers!

I am one month in to my new job as Curator of the Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC) Museum Collection at The Manitoba Museum and I’m still in that “pinch-me” phase, it feels too good to be true.  Why?  Let me fill you in. I grew up in Winnipeg and I LOVED The Manitoba Museum.  It was through visits to this museum, and other fabulous museums and historic sites in Manitoba,…

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“Relics of Interest”

Since my last blog entry, I have continued to learn more about the HBC Museum Collection.  Two conference papers – one for the 2012 Rupert’s Land Colloquium in May 2012, and the other for the 18th Inuit Studies Conference in October 2012 – helped to focus my research in specific directions, and opened up many new questions about the collection.  Most of the summer, and part of the fall, was…

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Anniversaries and Anthropologists

The impetus for the formation of the Hudson’s Bay Company Museum Collection came from the celebrations surrounding the firm’s 250thanniversary in 1920.  The HBC was keenly aware of its role in the development of Canada since 1670, and commemorated the event with a variety of special events, re-enactments, and pageants across the western and northern regions of the country.  Although the HBC “Historical Exhibit” was not created in time for…

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John Halkett, William Kempt, & the Red River Settlement

John Halkett’s visit to British North America came just a decade after his brother-in-law, Lord Selkirk, initiated the Red River resettlement scheme – and the bicentenary of the arrival of the Selkirk settlers is being commemorated in many ways in 2012.  There is a variety of objects in the HBC Museum Collection that relate to these formative years of the Red River Settlement, starting with the Halkett collection.  Another important group…

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Halkett Boat to Halkett Collection

The Arctic explorer and HBC employee Dr. John Rae maintained his enthusiasm for Peter Halkett’s invention through several expeditions.  A Halkett boat was left for him at Sault Ste Marie in 1845, and in the record of his first Arctic voyage in 1846-47, he referred to it in glowing terms.  Rae described Peter Halkett as “the ingenious inventor of the portable air-boat, which ought to be the travelling companion of…

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Collections, convergence, and coincidence

I started my position as the Curator of the Hudson’s Bay Company Museum Collection in January, and am familiarizing myself with this fascinating collection, comprised of objects which reflect more than three centuries of HBC operations.  There is not a single organizing principle, other than objects having some association with the HBC or its employees.   The vast majority of the collection was donated by the Hudson’s Bay Company to The…

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HBC Collection Blog

Starting in January, Dr. James Morton will share with visitors interesting facts about his work at The Museum and the research he is conducting. You may subscribe to the RSS feed so you will never miss a post!

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