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Monthly Archives: January 2016

The galaxy at its most glorious

To really feel the vastness of the universe, sometimes all you have to do is look up. You can see some amazing sights from your backyard, but to get the best views you may need to travel a little. At Expedia.ca, we love getting lost in the beauty of the cosmos. When we learned that The Manitoba Museum’s Planetarium offers tours of the night sky in the planetarium show, “Live…

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Five planets; Nine planets?

This has been a busy week for solar system news. For early risers, you can see all five of the naked-eye planets at the same time before sunrise. This week also saw the announcement of some new research suggesting there may be an undiscovered planet out there, way out past Neptune. We’ll start with the easy one. There are five planets in our sky that can be easily seen with…

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The Log Cabin Gets a 21st Century Upgrade

The Grasslands Gallery was developed as one of the first galleries at The Manitoba Museum when it opened 45 years ago. The Log Cabin exhibit in this gallery has been used intensively by our school programs ever since, and hundreds of thousands of visitors have enjoyed its pioneer flavour. Whenever you hear someone say “pioneer flavour”, you know it’s time for a change.   The Log Cabin just didn’t seem…

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John Macoun: The Botanist Who Changed the Map of Western Canada

Last year an interview I did for the BBC Northern Ireland documentary Brave New World – Canada aired on television (http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b06kmwmq). This documentary, by journalist William Crawley, is about the Irish Ulster immigrants that came to Canada and shaped our nation. I was asked to talk about John Macoun, an Irish-Canadian botanist who explored Western Canada in the late 1800s. As only a small portion of my interview aired, I…

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Manitoba Skies: January 2016

January has a number of interesting events in the night sky, easily visible by anyone who can see the sky. If you get up before sunrise this month, you can see four other planets (plus the Earth) with your unaided eye! Venus, Jupiter, Mars and Saturn are all there in the pre-dawn skies, just waiting to be discovered. Over the next month, they all move in their orbit around the…

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