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Monthly Archives: June 2011

Chasing Ghosts in Brandon

Tiptoeing closer, you observe that there is a man behind the curtain, huddled over a pair of computer screens. Beside the computer, a scientific instrument is producing a blinding bluish light. Who is this mad scientist, and what are the nefarious schemes that bring him here at this strange time?

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Speaking of vacuuming…

A significant part of the conservator’s job is cleaning. At The Manitoba Museum, our numerous open dioramas require regular vacuuming. The larger dioramas require a team of staff including the Conservators, Diorama Artist, Exhibit Assistant and whichever Collections Assistants we can round up. We try to get to every diorama once a year. The vacuuming must be done carefully, so parts are not pulled off. That’s why we use screens,…

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I Tawt I Taw a Puddy Tat!

Seeing cats in Manitoba doesn’t take a whole lot of effort. I have one that lives in my house (and only in my house), and too many that wander around the neighbourhood doing a number on birds and getting hit by cars. And there are always cartoon cats on TV or the web like Sylvester (of Bugs Bunny fame) as he tries to capture and eat Tweety – that yellow…

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A Museum of a Museum

I recently attended the annual meeting of the Canadian Society of Ecology and Evolution in Banff, Alberta.  However, being stuck inside a building on several beautiful sunny days was agonizing and on several occasions I found myself gazing wistfully out the windows at the mountains beyond.  Fortunately, visiting other museums while I travel is an important part of my job as it helps me to plan exhibits here at The…

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