Crisis Support Resources

We understand that some content may be upsetting or triggering for readers. We recognize the importance of providing support for anyone who may experience trauma related to past harms while visiting our site. We encourage you to connect with the following crisis lines if needed.

Crisis Lines

Hope for Wellness Help Line: 1-855-242-3310 (toll-free) (Website:

Wellness Together Canada: 1-866-585-0445 or text WELLNESS to 741741 

The National Indian Residential School Crisis Line: 1-866-925-4419 (toll-free) 

Shared Health Adult Crisis Response Centre & Crisis Services (Winnipeg): 204-940-1781 

Klinic Crisis Support Line: 204-786-8686 or 1-888-322-3019 or in-person services @ Klinic Drop-In Counselling 

Prairie Mountain Health Crisis Line: 1-866-332-3030 (NORTH of Riding Mountain National Park) or 1-888-379-7699 (SOUTH of Riding Mountain National Park) Please note that these lines are for individuals over the age of 18. For crisis lines available to those under the age of 18 please visit: Children & Youth – Prairie Mountain Health