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[email protected]

The Manitoba Museum presents [email protected], a weekly series of FREE virtual programming inviting Manitobans to explore the universe.

Join Planetarium Astronomer Scott Young as we identify constellations and planets in the real sky, discover upcoming celestial events, and look at trending space science and astronomy news. 

As pioneering Canadian astronomer Helen Sawyer Hogg always said, “The stars belong to everyone.” Learn how to find your stars and get to know the night sky, Thursdays at 7 pm. 

Click here for past episodes and activities…

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UPCOMING EPISODES OF [email protected]


[email protected] | JUNE 30, 2022 | 7 PM CDT

Image: Stellarium

As Milky Way season begins, this week on [email protected] we’re going to focus on the constellations and celestial events coming up in July and August. We’ll also provide some dark sky guidance for those who might be heading out of town for summer holiday time!

Plus, we’ll take a look at the latest on upcoming space launches and more cool space stuff.

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[email protected] will be bi-weekly starting June 30.

If you’re itching for more during our off-weeks, click here to check out our [email protected] archives.


[email protected] | JULY 14, 2022 | 7 PM CDT

View of Saturn from slightly above, showing the full planet and its rings.

Image: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute

This week on [email protected], we will focus on the farthest planet easily visible to the unaided eye: the ringed planet Saturn! We’ll look at it up close through telescopes and through the eyes of robotic spacecraft, examine its many moons, and of course the planet’s famous rings.

Plus, we’ll have some updates on current and future space missions, look at how to spot the International Space Station, and more cool space stuff.


[email protected] | JULY 28, 2022 | 7 PM CDT

A star chart, showing the constellations visible in the August sky, with artistic renderings of each constellation. Directional markers SE, S, and SW are along the bottom of the skyline.

Image: Stellarium

This week on [email protected], we’ll preview the celestial events, constellations, and planets visible in the month of August. From the Summer Triangle to star clusters in the Milky Way to the Perseids meteor shower, we’ll help plan your observing calendar for the rest of the summer.

We’ll also share updates on the Artemis moon mission, the James Webb Space Telescope, and more cool space stuff.


[email protected] | AUGUST 11, 2022 | 7 PM CDT

A brick building stands in an open area near a small wooden bridge. View of a clear night sky above, showing the Milky Way, many stars, and a meteor.

Image: Alexander Andrews via Unsplash

This week’s annual Perseid meteor shower is the best-known, if not the best, meteor shower of the year! This week on [email protected], we’ll preview this year’s shower, and look ahead at other major meteor showers for the year.

Plus, we’ll share some binocular and telescopic highlights of the summer sky and all the cool space stuff that’s happening.



[email protected]  is free!

You can donate to support future Museum programs here.