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Hours of Operation

To do our part in halting the spread of COVID-19, the Manitoba Museum is temporarily closed to the public until further notice.

at the Manitoba Museum

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[email protected]


The Manitoba Museum presents [email protected], a weekly series of video programming inviting Manitobans to explore the universe.

Join Planetarium Astronomer Scott Young as we identify constellations and planets in the real sky, and explore space science with hands-on activities and experiments.

As pioneering Canadian astronomer Helen Sawyer Hogg always said, “The stars belong to everyone.” Learn how to find your stars and get to know the night sky, every Thursday at 7 pm.

We will be streaming live, so register on Zoom our join us on Facebook. Stay tuned for weekly program details, downloadable resources, and more.

Click here for past episodes and resources…

Links to help you find your way around the night sky.

Star Maps for Episode 3 – January 21, 2021

Planet Models – make your own solar system!

Star Clock – Find out what time some favourite constellations will be visible.

[email protected]: Episode 4
January 28 | 7 PM CST

In this week’s episode, we’ll explore some of the best-known constellations of winter, including Orion the Hunter. Discover Orion’s strange red star Betelgeuse, and learn how it (and other stars) get their names. Plus, our weekly star maps, watching the Space Station pass overhead, and tracking down the elusive planet Mercury. We’ll also work on the second part of our solar system model!

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[email protected]: Episode 5
February 4 | 7 PM CST

In this week’s episode, we’ll discover how stars are born, and what happens after that. We’ll track down baby stars, teenager stars, adult stars, and senior citizen stars in the winter sky. We’ll also build our own rockets, and hear about the amazing rockets built right here in Manitoba. We’ll also find Taurus the Bull, the first Zodiac constellation to be featured in our “Connect the Dots” segment.

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[email protected]: Episode 6
February 11 | 7 PM CST

In this week’s episode, we’ll follow the ongoing human invasion of Mars, with three robotic spacecraft arriving at the Red Planet this week. We’ll find out what it takes to land on another planet, and you can try your hand at making your own Mars lander. We’ll also explore the constellation of Gemini the Twins, and highlight the celestial sights you can see this week.

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[email protected]: Episode 7
February 18 | 7 PM CST

In this week’s episode, we’ll continue our coverage of the ongoing human invasion of Mars, with the latest images of and discoveries from the Red Planet. We’ll take a look at your Mars Lander creations, and issue a challenge to all of you wanna-be astronauts. In our “Connect the Dots” segment, we’ll feature Auriga the Charioteer, a strange constellation with some interesting stories. Plus, a rundown of the interesting things you can see in the sky for the coming week.

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[email protected]: Episode 8
February 25 | 7 PM CST

In this week’s episode, we’ll look at one of the more popular astronomical references on the internet – the Super Moon – and find out what’s so super about it anyway? In our “Connect the Dots” segment we’ll find two dogs that follow Orion the Hunter around the sky, and build an adjustable star map that is good all year long.

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[email protected]: Episode 9
March 4 | 7 PM CST

Details Coming Soon!

[email protected]: Episode 10
March 11 | 7 PM CST

Details Coming Soon!

[email protected]: Episode 11
March 18 | 7 PM CST

Details Coming Soon!

[email protected]: Episode 12
March 25 | 7 PM CST

Details Coming Soon!


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