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Hours of Operation

To do our part in halting the spread of COVID-19, the Manitoba Museum is temporarily closed to the public until further notice.

at the Manitoba Museum

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*Hours of operation vary for holidays.

Vision, Mission & Values

The Manitoba Museum is a non-profit organization incorporated by an act of the Manitoba Legislature. The Museum is a charitable not for profit organization that relies upon admission revenues and charitable gifts to operate.


  • To shape Manitoba’s future by expanding knowledge, sharing stories, and encouraging discovery


  • To preserve the heritage of Manitoba for present and future generations;
  • To seek, acquire, and share knowledge of Manitoba’s history, culture and natural world with Manitobans and others; and
  • To inspire personal discovery, appreciation, and understanding of Manitoba, the world, and our universe.


Four core competencies underlie the Manitoba Museum’s mission.  Together they form a tightly integrated and interdependent cultural offering, supported by a commitment to innovation and strong financial management:

  • Research – to expand our collective knowledge of Manitoba’s history and science, thereby strengthening the ongoing relevance and quality of our public outreach;
  • Collections – to preserve, develop, and provide access to Manitoba collections, with the assurance that what we have gathered will be passed down to future generations;
  • Exhibitions – to develop, host and tour exhibitions, showcasing a wide spectrum of cultural and scientific assets; and
  • Public Engagement – to inspire discovery and engage our visitors in lifelong learning.


  • Curiosity – We promote innovation by seeking out new ideas and welcoming knowledge exchange.
  • Integrity – We act with honesty and integrity. We strive to know and uphold the highest ethical standards.
  • Responsibility – We are responsible stewards of the public trust and institutional assets as stated in the Museum’s mandate. We are committed to being socially and environmentally responsible.
  • Respectfulness – We value the contributions of all Museum stakeholders and treat them with respect and sensitivity.
  • Inclusivity – We embrace diversity in our community.