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Amazing Plant Adventure

Curriculum Target Grade: 3

Suitable for Grades: 1 – 4

Plants are amazing living things! What do they need to survive?  Join us on a plant adventure through the Museum Galleries to learn how plants adapt to different environments, and how they can be both useful and harmful to humans. Discover how animals and plants depend on one another. Get to know the Nonsuch fur trading ship, and how it is made almost entirely of plants!

Curriculum Connections

  • 3-1-07: Identify the basic parts of plants and describe their functions.
  • 3-1-08: Explain how different adaptations of plants help them survive in particular environments.
  • 3-1-09: Identify plant adaptations that can be harmful to humans, and describe their effects.
  • 3-1-13: Describe ways that plants and animals depend on each other.
  • 3-1-14: Describe ways plants are important to the environment.
  • 3-1-16: Identify how humans from various cultures use plant parts for food and medicine.

Email [email protected] or call 204-988-0626 for more information and to discuss options for your class, group, or family.