A collage featuring a range of specimens from the Manitoba Museum Human History Collections.

Curator of Palaeontology & Geology

At the core of the Manitoba Museum’s mission is the extensive collection of artifacts and specimens developed, documented, and cared for by a team of curators, collections staff, and conservators.

Meet the team

Dr. Joe Moysiuk

Curator of Palaeontology & Geology

Joe Moysiuk recently completed his doctoral dissertation at the University of Toronto and Royal Ontario Museum. His expertise centers on the oldest animal fossils and insights they provide about the evolution of major groups. Much of his research has focused on early arthropods, distant relatives of modern insects and spiders. Joe has taken part in paleontological field work across Canada, notably including major expeditions to the Burgess Shale in B.C. that have unearthed troves of new fossil species from the dawn of animal life. He has also enjoyed many opportunities to share these discoveries with the public, including through museum exhibitions and public talks. At the Manitoba Museum, Joe expands his previous research of rare fossil deposits exhibiting soft tissue preservation to Manitoba.

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