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11 am – 5 pm


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at the Manitoba Museum.

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until June 30.

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If you’re wondering who keeps the Nonsuch in ship-shape condition or the Urban Gallery perfectly frozen in time after all these years, give the credit to our conservation team. Conservators fight a daily battle against dust, excess light, climate extremes, and pests of all kinds to preserve our collections for future generations. The condition of artifacts and specimens is monitored on a regular schedule, and cleaned, repaired, or maintained as necessary.

cleaning the nonsuch

Carolyn Sirett, Conservator, cleaning the Nonsuch rigging.

cleaning the nonsuch 2

The work of our conservation team is evident in virtually every aspect of the Museum. But what does a conservator actually do? A generation ago, the job consisted primarily of the restoration of museum objects to improve their stability and to help regain their original appearance. Today, their work emphasizes preventive measures over remedial, and relies on technically advanced solutions relating to the monitoring of storage and exhibition environments, air handling, integrated pest management, exhibit mounts and installation, as well as providing hands-on education and training to museum volunteers and interns.

Deterioration of brass tacks on an ethnographic belt.

Deterioration of brass tacks on an ethnographic belt.