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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Monarchs ate our milkweeds (but that’s OK!)

Recently the Manitoba Centennial Centre renovated Steinkopf Garden (the area between the Concert Hall and the Museum).  I was part of the consultation process with the landscape architect company Hilderman Thomas Frank and Cram.  I suggested including some native plant species in the garden since that way we could potentially use the area for programming.  The architects were willing to do so, having used native species successfully in the past. …

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The Red River Fiddle

In our new exhibit, “The Selkirk Settlement: 200 Years”, we feature a violin with a unique and travelled history. It was made around 1800 in London, England, in the shop of John Betts. Pierre Bruce, a Scottish man who joined Selkirk’s colony acquired it (probably in Scotland) and brought the violin with him when he settled in Red River in 1815. Pierre was the “unofficial dance master” of the Red…

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Eatin’ Weeds

As the Museum’s botanist it is important for me to know not just how to identify plants but also how people traditionally and contemporarily use wild and weedy plants.  Although I am familiar with the edible fruit and nut plants of the prairies (and am quite enthusiastic about eating them!), I have been less inclined to try the edible wild greens.  The main reason behind my reluctance had to do…

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