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Tuesday to Sunday
Open 10 am to 4 pm



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Saturday & Sunday
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Face masks are strongly recommended for all visitors
(age 5+) at the Manitoba Museum.

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The Manitoba Museum Shop offers a wide selection of unique, exclusive, and distinctive Manitoba products. All proceeds from any purchase at the Museum Shop support the Manitoba Museum, which is a non-profit organization. Your dollars make a difference.



Saturdays and Sundays • Open 10 am – 4 pm
First Friday evenings • Open 4 pm – 9 pm

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P: 204-988-0615
E: [email protected]


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smBook Relics

RELICS OF INTEREST Selections from the Hudson’s Bay Company Museum Collection / RELIQUES À CONSERVER Pièces choisies de la collection muséale de la Compagnie de la Baie d’Hudson – by Jamie Morton, 2012.

Relics of Interest showcases a sample of nationally significant objects from the Manitoba Museum’s vast Hudson Bay Company Museum Collection and the powerful stories that accompany them. This bilingual, soft-cover book features photographs and descriptions of 24 artifacts including a caribou hide dress, an HBC trade gun, and a York Boat. Almost half of the objects depicted are preserved in the Museum’s vault and are not on public display. 80 pages.

Price: $11.99



smBook Treasures

MANITOBA TREASURES-TRÉSORS – edited by Adèle Hempel et al, 2011.

Manitoba Treasures features 20 objects from the Manitoba Museum’s collection that are symbolic of more than years of collecting. The Museum curators collaborated to produce this colourful, bilingual, soft-cover keepsake. 47 pages.

Price: $4.99



smBook Kayasochi

KAYASOCHI KIKAWENOW: Our Mother From Long Ago by Kevin Brownlee & E. Leigh Syms, 1999.

Our Mother From Long Ago tells the story of a Cree woman living near South Indian Lake in the mid-1600s, as revealed through the recovery of her remains and associated tools in the 1990s. This Aboriginal archaeology internship publication reveals how local and academic communities collaborated to their mutual benefit. It includes black and white images, illustrations, maps, and bibliographical references. 91 pages.

Price: $4.99




smBook Butterflies

THE BUTTERFLIES OF MANITOBA – by P. Klassen, A.R. Westwood, W.B. Preston, W.B. McKillop, 1989.

The Butterflies of Manitoba provides information on butterflies found from the northern Great Plains to the Arctic. Superb life-size colour images accompany the species’ descriptions for all 144 butterflies found in Manitoba, along with maps and six appendices. This book is intended for a broad audience and can be used as a field guide or for pure enjoyment. 290 pages.

Price: $4.99




smBook Wildflowers

WILDFLOWERS OF CHURCHILL and the Hudson Bay Region – by Karen L. Johnson, 1987.

WILDFLOWERS OF CHURCHILL depicts the wide range of wildflowers that flourish in the Churchill area with descriptions, associated names, habitat, flowering periods, range, etc. along with a brief review of the human and natural history of the region. Full-page colour photographs by Robert R. Taylor and finely detailed drawings and watercolours by Linda Fairfield complete this informative guidebook geared to the amateur or scholarly botanist. 400 pages.

Price: $4.99






1919 THE WINNIPEG GENERAL STRIKE EDUCATIONAL KIT – by The Manitoba Museum in collaboration with the University of Winnipeg and Manitoba Education, Citizenship and Youth, 2010,

Each kit provides a rich resource for educators interested in communicating the significance of the Winnipeg General Strike, one of the most dramatic events in Canadian history. On May 15, 1919, about 35,000 men, women, and children brought Winnipeg to a standstill with demands for union recognition, shorter hours, and a living wage. Their concerns mirrored those of others across the country and increased the resolve of the government and business elite to put an end to industrial unionism, mass strikes, and political activism.

Based on the Manitoba Grade 11 Social Studies curriculum, the kit is designed to foster multi-disciplinary projects related to history, social studies, language arts, literature, geography, and multimedia. Contents include a 177-page book outlining the history and chronology of the strike, a CD with annotated archival photographs, suggestions for student projects, maps, a glossary, bibliography, and artifact replicas.

Price: $135.00