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Hours of Operation


All Attractions open
Thursday – Sunday
11 am – 5 pm


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at the Manitoba Museum.

This policy will be in place
until June 30.

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Victoria Day (May 23)
All attractions open
11 am – 5 pm


Make A Fossil Cast

fossilSince you will not likely have a dinosaur bone to work with, you can use a chicken bone, seashell or a plastic figurine.

Step A: Making Fossil Moulds

  1. Split balls of modelling clay in half and shape them into flat slabs slightly larger than the object you want to cast.
  2. Coat the object with petroleum jelly or soapy water so it won’t stick to the clay.
  3. Lay the object on a clay slab and push it into the clay.
  4. Place the other clay slab on top of the object, pushing it down around it.
  5. Lift off the top slab of clay and take out the object.
  6. Let the moulds dry.

Step B: Making Fossil Casts

  1. Coat the mould surfaces with petroleum jelly.
  2. Work additional balls of clay with hands until soft.
  3. Put a ball of clay into one side of the mould.
  4. Place the other side of the mold on top, press carefully and open.
  5. Remove the fossil cast of the object and let it dry.