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Hours of Operation


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Tuesday to Sunday
Open 10 am to 4 pm



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We look forward to seeing you!

Face masks are strongly recommended for all visitors
(age 5+) at the Manitoba Museum.

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Adoption Stories

bearAs my darling daughter Zoe has literally grown up at The Manitoba Museum, and is now an adult of 18 years, I thought she would appreciate receiving the adoption of a child’s toy from the Museum collection in honour of her deep connection to the Museum past and present.

~ Claudette Leclerc




Bear Claw Necklace“Every time I visit the Manitoba Museum, I make a point of going to the Parklands/Mixed Woods exhibit, where Sitting Bull’s Bear Claw Necklace is on permanent display. I am reminded of my grandmother and her connection to the iconic Aboriginal leader, Sitting Bull; and I think fondly of my sister Roberta who passed away on January 2, 2011. I am pleased to have been able to adopt this priceless artifact in her memory.”

~ Harry H. McKay Finnigan

To learn more about this adoption story, please follow this link



medical-kit“I adopted this artifact for my brother and sister in-law, on behalf of all contributions they have done towards homeopathic medicine.


~ Richard Riess



“I donated to the Nonsuch because I think there are few museum installations in Canada that can match how completely it immerses you in the time and place of its subject. Poking around in the Nonsuch is a very fond childhood memory, and I still visit whenever I can if I’m back in Winnipeg, so I hope you’re able to quickly find all the funding you need to do whatever restoration work is necessary.”

~ Hugh Thomas

“I supported the mast of the NONSUCH because this replica ship is my favourite part of the Manitoba Museum. The mast is essential to hold the sails aloft, and the sails catch the wind power that brought the ship to us.”

~ J.A. Paterson

archieUncle Bob and Archie TV show was a part of my growing up in Winnipeg. My siblings and I have many good memories of school lunch hours with Bob and his crazy cast of puppet characters. There is a connection to the show beyond this, though. My dad, Jimmy King, was a popular local musician and bandleader. Uncle Bob’s puppets always “performed” to recorded popular music records, but to keep the illusion of a bigger budget show, Bob would always call off camera to Jimmy King, bandleader, “Okay, Jimmy King, start the music.” Then Petite or Archie or whoever would “sing a song”. This ended up being great publicity for my dad because it seemed every Winnipeg Baby Boomer and their parents knew who he was. To be fair, Dad did have actual entertainment shows wherein he performed with a live band but whether or not the Uncle Bob and Archie phenomenon fueled his popularity, we will! never know. He was associated with the show for the remainder of his days (he died in 1987) but Jimmy King actually only appeared on the show once. As a guest.

~ Ian King

hourglassOur grandkids like to go visit the museum to see the “pirate ship”. It’s their favourite part of The Manitoba Museum.