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Hours of Operation

We will be opening August 5.
Thursday – Sunday
11 am – 5 pm

We look forward to seeing you soon!

at the Manitoba Museum

Click for Holiday Hours
*Hours of operation vary for holidays.

Toddler Takeover


A 4-Week Sensory Program for Toddlers & Their Adults

$78 for all 4 weeks / $68 for members
$22 to drop in for one or more weeks

Pre-registration is required to attend.

Designed with your toddler’s development in mind, we aim to inspire your little one’s sense of discovery and imagination as we travel through the Manitoba Museum’s unique galleries.

Toddlers actively explore their environment and the world around them through play.

Every week, toddlers will “take over” a new gallery and explore history and nature through mindful (sometimes messy) activities and through hands-on interactions with objects from the Museum’s handling collection. After the program, everyone is welcome to explore the Museum Galleries for as long as they would like.

Sessions of 90 minutes usually take place in the morning and the  Museum Galleries we take over are:  earth History, Winnipeg, Parklands, and Arctic.

  • EARTH HISTORY:  Toddlers will travel back in time to learn about the dinosaurs.
  • WINNIPEG GALLERY: Toddlers will take a stroll through Winnipeg in the 1920s and discover the work of community helpers.
  • PARKLANDS: How do animals survive out in the wild? Where do they live? Who takes care of them?  Together we will discover life in Manitoba’s Parklands.
  • ARCTIC: Explore the watery sea world and discover animal life on the coast and in the waves, as we enjoy a chilly beach day in the Arctic Gallery.

Each visit includes a sensory experience in one of the Museum Galleries, as well as some classroom time where we sing songs and do hands-on activities. This program is designed for toddlers and children aged 18 months to 3 years old.


For information, please contact Corinne Antoniuk: [email protected] • 204-988-0671.