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Historical Event in Cross Lake


I recently returned from the community of Cross Lake with a great experience I want to share. We experimented with cooking a meal inside a replica clay pot over a campfire. It wasn't until we were cooking that we realized that it has probably been over 300 years since a meal was cooked inside a clay pot in northern Manitoba. The pot was made by Grant Goltz (Minnesota) copying one from Minnesota that is over 900 years old. Grant generously loaned the pot so we could cook a meal. You may ask "how is this relevant to archaeology?". Broken pot sherds are often found at ancient camp sites and ...
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Welcome to the Twenty-Metre Blog

Geology & Paleontology

  Some time ago, it was suggested that The Manitoba Museum would be adding curatorial blogs to our website, as a feature that would take visitors "behind the scenes." This seemed like a fantastic idea, but I also wondered how I would approach this; I already have a blog in which I talk about paleontology, geology, and landscape, and it attracts a reasonable and steady following. It is a lot of fun to have personal blog in which I am free to muse about what I see as I wander around the world. Certainly Ancientshore is relevant to my work, but it also is not limited to my work or to this ...
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Space Shuttle Atlantis is on her final mission right now. ou can watch the mission live on NASA TV or through www.nasa.gov. The Canadian Space Agency also has a video tribute to Atlantis by Chris Hadfield, one of two Canadian astronauts who flew aboard Atlantis - you can see that ...
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This Saturday (April 24th) is International Astronomy Day, a day when astronomers around the world set up their telescopes in public places to show people the universe. This year, the Winnipeg Centre of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada and Planetarium staff will be setting up telescopes at the duck pond at Assiniboine Park on Saturday night as soon as it gets dark. NOTE: If it's cloudy the event is cancelled - but if you can see the moon through the clouds, it's on. I'll post an update here and at on the Planetarium Star Line at (204) 988-0605 around 4PM on Saturday with a weather ...
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Starting in April, Kevin Brownlee will share with visitors interesting facts about his work at The Museum and the research he is conducting. You may subscribe to the RSS feed so you will never miss a post! In the meantime, here is a short description of the projects Kevin recently completed: Presentation at Special Area Groups (SAG) session on Creating a Space for Aboriginal Perspective (Council for Aboriginal Education of Manitoba Aboriginal Education): Kevin Brownlee and Leigh Syms, "Digging Deep: the Uses of Archaeology," Winnipeg (Oct. 23, 2009). Presentation at Chacmool Conference (University of Calgary): Kevin Brownlee, "Nation Building through Archaeology," Calgary (Nov. 12-15, 2009). Presentations at Manitoba Archaeological ...
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