Explore Science Zone


The Explore Science Zone (ESZ) is the Science Gallery’s hands-on activity space. It serves as a  science theatre,  laboratory, display space for temporary exhibits, and hands-on activity centre. An ever-changing slate of activities is presented, from hands-on science play for our youngest visitors, to special lectures by visiting scientists from around Manitoba. Stop in and see what’s happening this week!


October 13 - November 4

Free with Science Gallery admission.

We use energy in almost every aspect of our lives, and finding sustainable sources of energy is the key to affecting climate change. At the Green Science workshop, visitors can do hands-on experiments and learn all about different forms of alternative energy including...

Hydroelectricity! Come harness the power of moving water to turn on light bulbs with our Water Wheel activity. See how certain types of light bulbs use up more energy than others and learn more about the energy that powers most of Manitoba.

Hydrogen gas! It’s been called the energy of the future – and it’s so easy to make, you can even do it at home! Feel the energy from just a small amount of hydrogen gas created right in front of your eyes, and make a “hydrogen generator” that you can take home with you!

Solar Power! Who says gathering energy can’t be fun? Grab a magnifying glass and focus some light energy on to solar panels on top of toy cars, planes, boats and.... grasshoppers?!? Read about some myths and misconceptions regarding solar energy and find out about Earth’s energy budget!

Green Science will be in the Science Gallery’s Explore Science Zone from October 13th to November 4th, free with Science Gallery admission.