Say It With A Star

For thousands of years, the night sky and its billions of shining stars mystified ancient peoples from all around the world, inspiring the creation of legends about the shapes they saw in the sky. Ancient peoples looked to Polaris, the North Star, for direction and stability, while the movement of constellations heralded the changing of the seasons.

Capture  the wonder of the universe with a star of your own, for a special someone or as a memoriam. For a donation of $100 or more your name or a special someone’s name will be placed adjacent to the star of your choice. Our “Galaxy of Stars” Donor Wall featuring 88 constellations is prominently mounted in the Planetarium Concourse.

Star Magnitudes Price
-1 $10000
0 $5000
1 $2000
2 $1000
3 $500
4 $300
5 $200
6 $100

Other Stars are available for donations less than $100.
All donations $10 or over receive a Star Certificate and tax receipt.

With your donation to the Say it With a Star initiative, you are investing in the future of astronomy and space science education. Each star donation supports Planetarium upgrades and programming.

Please note that you are giving a donation to support the Planetarium. Placement of your name by the star is recognition of your donation; you are not officially naming the star.

To choose your “Star” contact Bert Valentin