Nonsuch Gallery

Nonsuch Gallery Closes January 8, 2018



The Manitoba Museum will temporarily close the Nonsuch Gallery for renewal starting January 8, 2018 with plans to re-open the Gallery by summer 2018.

Visitors are invited to take a last look at the ship before the gallery closes. They will also have an opportunity to take a tour of the ship’s cargo hold between December 26 and January 7, 10:30am to 4pm.

The closing of the Nonsuch Gallery marks the beginning of construction for the Bringing Our Stories Forward Capital Renewal Project.

The renewal of the Nonsuch Gallery will see minimal impacts on the ship itself, with the exception of re-rigging it for historical accuracy, and longevity. Our current storyline places the Nonsuch in 1668, Deptford, England.  Nonsuch awaits high tide, morning light is glimmering on the horizon, and the voyage that would eventually launch the Hudson’s Bay Company is about to begin. This trip to the “new world” not only led to the founding of the Hudson’s Bay Company in 1670, but was instrumental in establishing global commerce in western Canada.

The renewed Nonsuch Gallery will see the overall narrative of the gallery flip – instead of departing from Deptford in 1668, the Nonsuch is returning to Deptford from Hudson Bay in 1669. In this new version, the cargo hold of the ship is filled with furs from trading with the Cree of Hudson Bay. Sailors are sharing tales of having wintered in the ‘new world,’ having camped at the mouth of the Rupert River (modern day Waskagnaish, Quebec).  This, and many more exciting changes are planned for the Nonsuch Gallery.

This renewal project is made possible through the Bringing Our Stories Forward Capital & Endowment Campaign.  Special thanks to the many donors, especially to the HBC History Foundation and Canadian Heritage – Canada Cultural Spaces Fund, for their investment.

summary of the Nonsuch story, by Laird Rankin, author of The Return Nonsuch: The Ship that Launched an Empire. This publication is available at the Museum Shop.

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