Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the membership of the Manitoba Museum will be held at 5:00 pm on Thursday, June 20, 2019 in the 3rd floor Library for the following purposes:

  1. Receiving the report of the Chairperson and Treasurer and of the auditor or auditors, and other such reports as the Board may indicate,
  2. Electing Governors,
  3. Appointing auditors and fixing their remuneration,
  4. Transacting such other business as may properly be brought before the meeting.

Members are invited to submit to the Secretary of the Museum nominations of Members for election to the Board of Governors of the Museum on or before May 22, 2019. 
Any Member wishing to introduce a motion at the Annual General Meeting may submit notice of the motion in writing to the Secretary by Wednesday, May 22, 2019.  The notice must contain full particulars of the text of the motion.
Please forward nominations and motions to:
Mr. Jeoff Chipman, Secretary
Board of Governors
The Manitoba Museum
190 Rupert Avenue
Winnipeg, MB   R3B 0N2
For more information on the Annual General Meeting, please contact Claudette Leclerc, Executive Director & CEO, at 204-988-0630 or leclerc@manitobamuseum.ca.

To RSVP, contact Martina at 204-988-0668 or mhutchison@manitobamuseum.ca.