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Hours of Operation

Thu, Fri, Sat, & Sun
11 am – 5 pm

Mon, Tue & Wed: Closed

at the Manitoba Museum

Click for Holiday Hours
*Hours of operation vary for holidays.

Temporary Exhibits

World’s Giant Dinosaurs • May 19-September 4 2017

Dino Dig

World’s Giant Dinosaurs presents twenty dinosaur skeletons and robots, sharing new knowledge about these fascinating creatures. See meat eaters and plant eaters, from turkey-sized Compsognathus to a gigantic 60-foot (18 metre) Mamenchisaurus. Learn how some dinosaurs grew so huge, and whether dinosaurs are still with us in the form of birds.

Students can get hands-on in a large dig pit, touch fossil skin impressions, and compare themselves to these ancient giants.  A variety of self-guiding activity packs will be available to enhance and extend students’ learning experiences.  For more information about this exhibit click here.

Self-guide in World’s Giant Dinosaurs for one hour $5.00 per student, one free teacher/chaperone for every six students.