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Hours of Operation

Starting August 6

Thu, Fri, Sat, & Sun
11 am – 5 pm

Mon, Tue & Wed – Closed

Click for Holiday Hours
*Hours of operation vary for holidays.

MuZZZeum Sleepovers

It’s a recipe for adventure — mix a chance to explore the universe in the digital Planetarium, a heaping of experiments in the Science Gallery, and a giant scoop of fascinating history in the Museum Galleries — all into one evening. Add a snack and a mysterious flashlight adventure of the darkened Museum Galleries, and you have the ingredients for an experience of a lifetime — one that campers and leaders alike will never forget!


What does it cost for a Sleepover?

$45 per child (17 and under). Adult chaperones, up to a ratio of 1:5 children are $25 each. Adults over that ratio are charged $45 each. GST is included. Prices are subject to change. A non-refundable minimum deposit is required once your booking has been confirmed, and will be applied to the total payment. Full payment, as well as detailed group information, is due two weeks before the date of your Sleepover.

Who can come?

Youth groups, Sparks, Brownies, Guides and Pathfinders, Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, School Classes, 4H groups, etc. We require a minimum of 80 campers and 16 adult supervisors to run a sleepover.

What if we don’t have 80 children in our group?

Most groups are not large enough to meet the minimum numbers on their own, but we can help you reach them by combining groups! Please fill out our online form and submit it to the Sleepover Co-ordinator, or find another group yourself and have them join in!

How do we confirm a Sleepover date?

If you are interested in a Sleepover, please fill out our online form and submit it. You will be contacted regarding potential dates. Once your group, or combinations of groups, reach our minimum attendance requirements,  non-refundable minimum deposit is required to confirm your group’s attendance on that particular night. Groups get booked on a first-come, first-served basis and are NOT confirmed until the minimum deposit is received by the Co-ordinator. Upon confirmation, a package will be sent to you with forms and information to pass on to parents and adult chaperones.

What if my numbers change?

If your numbers drop and you are no longer able to meet our minimum requirements, or if the numbers you indicated on the online form change significantly, you should let us know right away. There are things we might be able to do with some lead-time, such as match another group up with yours. Without lead-time and without meeting our minimum numbers, groups risk having the event cancelled. To avoid disappointment, keep in regular contact with the Museum on how your numbers are coming along.

When can you Sleepover?

Sleepovers usually happen on Friday nights and normally occur between January and June. But we are certainly open to special requests to accommodate your needs on other nights of the week, or other times of the year.

What should I bring?

  • Sleeping bag and pillow. A sleeping pad/cot/air mattress is optional, although the Museum does not supply an air pump. We ask that campers make every attempt to “double up” on large mattresses to save on space. You will be sleeping in the Science Gallery. Although the floors are carpeted, you will be more comfortable with something under your sleeping bag.
  • Campers should wear comfortable clothing for an active program and bring indoor shoes, sandals, or hard-soled slippers, especially in the wintertime. Sock feet or bare feet are not permitted on tours and activities.
  • Campers often change into pajamas for the flashlight tour. Please pack regular pajamas or something comfortable like a jogging suit.
  • A flashlight is required for children participating in the flashlight tour. Spare batteries are also recommended.
  • Toiletries such as a facecloth, small towel, toothbrush, and toothpaste.
  • Extra clear recycling bag for packing up in the morning. (Bags often tear and we do not have any to supply to campers)

What shouldn’t I bring?

Due to allergy concerns, outside food and drinks are strictly not allowed at Sleepovers, unless there are special dietary concerns. Such concerns need to be communicated to the Sleepover Co-ordinator prior to the Sleepover date. Campers are provided with pizza and juice for a snack and have an additional juice break during the evening. They are given milk, yogurt tubes, nut-free muffins, and fruit for a morning snack. While there are vending machines available, we discourage their use. The Museum Shop is not open during the Sleepover program. We cannot make change during the evening. Campers and supervising adults should also avoid bringing valuables to the Museum.

When does the program start?

The program starts at 6:30 PM. Children should arrive between 6 PM and 6:30 PM to allow enough time to put away their gear and get signed in. Note: Campers cannot be left unattended by their parents prior to 6 PM.

When does the program end?

The program ends between 8 AM and 9 AM the following morning. Campers should be picked up promptly, preferably after 8:30 AM, as gallery spaces are needed for daytime activities. Early pickups can be arranged with the leader of your group.

Who can I contact (in case of emergency)?

If (in an emergency situation only please) you need to reach a camper during the program, Museum Security’s direct line is 204-988-0677. Also, if you are coming for a Sleepover and either running late or need to get in touch with someone at the Museum after office hours, please call Museum Security at the number above.

Is there a refund policy?

The minimum deposit, once all groups for a night are confirmed, is non-refundable. Full payment of all registered campers is due no later than two weeks prior to the Sleepover date and after that point, there are no refunds. If a participant within your group is unable to attend, you may replace that participant with a new person from your group. The Manitoba Museum will accept participant name changes.

What can we snack on?

We serve pizza and juice in the evening and a nutritious, nut-free morning snack. Please note that the pizza snack can be served anytime during the evening rotations, and all campers should have a light dinner before arriving at the Sleepover program. Coffee and tea are also available for adults. Let us know in advance if there are any allergy concerns.

Where can I park?

The Manitoba Museum does not own or control any parking lot (we are tenants of the Manitoba Centennial Centre), however, there is plenty of parking nearby!  Your options are:

  • Parking on all the streets surrounding the Museum, where designated. It’s free between 5:30 PM and 9 AM the following morning. Do NOT leave any valuables in your vehicles. Please note that from Dec 1 to Mar 1 there is a Snow Route Parking Ban on most streets surrounding the Museum.
  • A paved, outdoor parking lot on Rupert Avenue directly across the street from the Museum entrance, and an outdoor, gravel lot on Pacific Avenue next to Oseredok Ukrainian Cultural Centre. Both of these are operated by Impark and require a second payment at 6 AM.
  • Secure, indoor parking at the Sport For Life Centre parkade, entrance off of Alexander St. There is a daily rate of a $15 maximum, but it is good for a full 24 hours upon entrance. Guests have 24-hour access to the parkade using their parking ticket. They can only exit the parkade by car from midnight to 5:59 AM. Please note that this lot is first-come, first-served and can fill up on nights where multiple events are going on in the vicinity.

Although The Manitoba Museum makes every effort to check information and make parking near our facility accessible to Sleepover participants, those with vehicles are responsible for any costs associated with parking.

How can I register or get more information?

Follow the link to download your free reader.