Collection: Geology & Paleontology

Catalogue number: M-1000

Chemical class: Phyllosilicate

Crystal type: Monolithic
Specimen type: Mineral specimen
Location: Winnipeg River, Manitoba


Product Description

Zinnwaldite is a very rare mineral. It is named after the town of Zinnwald on the Germany-Czech Republic border, from which it was first described in 1845. This specimen was collected in the Winnipeg River area of Manitoba in 1972. Zinnwaldite in that area occurs in pegmatites, coarsely crystalline igneous rocks related to granite. Zinnwaldite is commonly referred to as lithium mica, but it is chemically complex. Zinnwaldite is mined as a source of lithium-rich material for batteries. You can see this mineral specimen with its beautiful crystalline structure in the Museum’s Earth History Gallery.

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