Wolf Den (5) JK

Wolf Den


Catalogue Numbers:  MM 24358 – 24361

Class:  Mammalia

Order:  Carnivora

Family:  Canidae

Genus/species:  Canis lupus

Location: Boreal Forest Diorama

Specimen Nature: Mount


Product Description

This diorama immerses our visitors into the private world of a wolf family denning in Manitoba’s boreal forest in spring.  The Alpha male earnestly keeps watch, as the Alpha female is relaxed and watching over their young. The pups are at 6 weeks old now and are actively testing their new skills and exploring the environment outside of the den they were born in.

Manitoba’s wolf population numbers approximately 4,000 individuals and are primarily restricted to the boreal forest regions, and extend north into the tundra. The boreal forest provides an abundance of primary prey for wolves including White-tailed Deer, Elk and Moose, and smaller game such as rabbits and mice. To a lesser degree, they may also eat fish, vegetation and insects. Can you spot the beaver skull in the diorama from a previous meal?

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