Western Spiderwort

Western Spiderwort


Collection: Botany

Catalogue number: 20329

Class: Magnoliopsida
Order: Commelinales
Family: Commelinaceae
Scientific name: Tradescantia occidentalis
Common name: Western Spiderwort
Specimen Nature: Herbarium Specimen
Location: Southwestern Manitoba


Product Description

Western spiderwort is a threatened plant in Canada. It is known to persist in only four locations in Canada, two of these in southwestern Manitoba. It prefers sandy soils, on partially stabilized dunes without too much woody vegetation. Consequently, threats to its continued presence include dune stabilization, invasive species, less frequent fires, as well as changes to grazing patterns. Although the leaves of spiderwort are grass-like it is not a grass. Western spiderwort flowers during early summer, and has lovely pink, blue or purple flowers with three petals. It is considered a perennial plant, but mainly reproduces by seed. The common name spiderwort arose because broken stems or leaves release a sticky liquid that hardens into strands that look like a spider’s web.

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