Tylosaurus Skull


Collection: Geology & Paleontology

Catalogue number: V-95

Class: Reptilia
Order: Squamata
Family: Mosasauridae
Scientific name: Tylosaurus pembinensis
Geological Period: Cretaceous Period, Campanian Stage
Origin: Thornhill area, Manitoba


Product Description

This is the most complete skull described of the species Tylosaurus pembinensis. The original skull is in the Museum’s collection, but we are exhibiting a replica because the fossil is very fragile. The skull was collected by Edward Leith and Richard Sutton for the old Manitoba Museum, probably in about 1950. It was discovered in the open-pit bentonite mines near Thornhill. Leith and Sutton had to break the skull in half to fit it into the back of their car; if they didn’t take it that day it would have been destroyed by the mining!

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