Smooth Goosefoot

Smooth Goosefoot


Collection: Botany

Catalogue Number: 37932

Family: Chenopodiaceae
Scientific name: Chenopodium subglabrum
Common name: Smooth Goosefoot
Specimen nature: Herbarium Specimen
Location: Southwestern Manitoba


Product Description

Smooth Goosefoot is a nationally and provincially threatened plant that grows only on sand dunes and sandy soils. It is currently protected by the Federal Species at Risk Act and the provincial Endangered Species Act and should not be picked. Smooth Goosefoot is an annual plant that is wind pollinated and plays a role in dune stabilization. This particular specimen is the first one ever collected in Manitoba. Thought to be extirpated in Manitoba, this species was relocated in 2004 during a field expedition by the Museum’s Curator of Botany.

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