Small White Lady's Slipper

Small White Lady’s Slipper


Collection: Botany

Catalogue number: 9606

Class: Magnoliopsida
Order: Asparagales
Family: Orchidaceae
Scientific name: Cypripedium candidum
Common name: Small White Lady’s Slipper
Specimen Nature: 
Herbarium specimen


Product Description

The Small White Lady’s Slipper is one of Manitoba’s rarest plants. In fact, it is considered endangered not only in Manitoba, but in all of Canada. This orchid is 10-35 cm tall and mainly grows in undisturbed grasslands with calcareous soils. It can reproduce vegetatively from underground stems, but to produce seed it needs insect pollinators. The lower pouch-shaped petal looks like a slipper. Small pollinators like bees enter the slipper, but are then trapped. To exit, they must push past the reproductive parts of the flower. Any pollen, which contains sperm cells, that is on the insect rubs off on the female part of the flower fertilizing it. As the insect leaves the slipper, additional pollen rubs off on its body, which it may carry to another orchid of the same species. If successful, a fruit will develop containing thousands of seeds.

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