16. HBC 73-298 (2)

Ship Model – S.S. Baychimo


Collection: Hudson’s Bay Company Museum Collection

Catalogue Number: HBC 73-298

Category: Distribution & Transportation Artifacts
Classification: Water Transportation Equipment
Sub-Classification: Watercraft
Object Term: Ship, Model


Product Description

A hand-carved model of the HBC cargo steamer “S.S. Baychimo” made in the 1920s by a Chukchi artist from Siberia. The model is carved from walrus ivory with baleen windows and porthole, and linen rigging. The Baychimo was built in Sweden and acquired by the Hudson’s Bay Company in 1921, making her way through the arctic as a trade ship. In 1931, the steamer was caught up in ice off the coasts of Alaska. Deciding that the Baychimo was unlikely to survive the winter, the crew unloaded and abandoned the ship. Unexpectedly, the Baychimo broke free of the ice and sailed around crewless through the frigid arctic sea, earning her the nickname “The Ghost Ship of the Arctic”. The last recorded sighting of the Baychimo was in 1969, 38 years after she first set off on her solo voyage.

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